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Can we settle on Glyph 7?? PLEASE! :)

Posted By: Miguel <bs@bungie.org>
Date: 2 June 2001, 22:01

I'm now 99% convinced that Glyph 7 has been solved.

Folks have interpreted it to be the Mayan symbol for the number 74. However, Hippie had been told that it might actually represent the Mayan symbols for 3 and 14, which is also interesting because those two numbers could equal= 3.14 or pi.

I went to google and searched for "mayan 74" hoping that somewhere in the internet someone had perhaps put up a table of numbers both roman and mayan. Guess what I found instead?

Mayan Civilization

Search for 74 there. You'll see that recently 74 'relic-filled tombs' have been discovered. Also note elsewhere on that page that Maya and Yucatan Peninsula are very much linked together. More PiD associations, eh?

So, what I'm asking is: can we definitively state that the inner symbol in the 7th Glyph stands for the number 74?

And can someone read that page linked above and see if it leads to some other goodies? :)

- Miguel

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