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Chelsea's latest, a new method of counting...

Posted By: Grasshopper <rowland@europe.com>
Date: 18 June 2001, 10:58

Okay, I haven't much time, so this ain't gonna be clear, but I'm going to try my best. I've found a way of counting which has yielded partial results, but those may be coincedental. Here's what to do. You start from any arbitrary number within a given glyph, say, G1. Starting from, say, 24, you start counting CLOCKWISE. 24 (w), 25 (nw) 26 (n) and so on. If the increment you're counting equals one of the numbers of the glyp, then that number is "validated," and the accompanying letter may be used. So... for an example of "validation," start counting from 19.... 19 (19), 20 (50), 21 (62), 22(75), 23 (20), 24 (24) -- bingo!

I would only use the letter that are CLEARLY marked, i.e., lower than 26, although numbers HIGHER than 26 can be used to CONFIRM lower numbers... dig it?

By working clockwise, you get

CW G1 19..24 S X

CW G2 13..25 M Y

CW G3 14..20 N T

CW G4 07..26 G Z

CW G5 09..15 I O

CW G6 10..14 J N O

CW G7 19..36 S

With the letter to the right being "validated."

The only word that I've come up with that makes sense is "syngons," which is a species of South American plant, part of the syngonium genus. Is that part of the answer, hmm, Chelsea?

Note that you can also work counterclockwise,

CCW G1 19...50 T S

CCW G2 13..25/3..67 S C Y

CCW G3 06..13..25 M T

CCW G4 07..08..13 G I M

CCW G5 22..51 V I 9..51 I

CCW G6 10..14..20 J N T
CCW G7 19..24 S X

Anyway, my research lacks systemacy, and may have errors, as I did it late last night. There may be ways to count.

Both the answer that I've gotten, as well as the _way_ of counting seems to fit nicely with Chelsea's latest clue.

Good luck.


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