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London, Chelsea Bridge, and Seven Dials

Posted By: Heady <heady@videotron.ca>
Date: 17 June 2001, 10:20

This is probably purely coincidential, but I think it's pretty interesting.

I was about to start reading Edward Rutherfurd's novel London, and as I glanced over the maps at the beginning of the book, I noted something that immediately cought my attention: there's a district north of Westminster, in London, called "Seven Dials". The name actually refers to a column with six sundials; the seventh "dial" is the column itself. More info about is can be found here. Note that you can almost form the Seven Dials' longitude and latitude with the numbers in our dials ;-)

But there's more; as I examined the map of London, I found that there's a district soutwest of Seven Dials which is called "Chelsea". I checked out MapQuest, and surely enough, there's a bridge in that area which is called "Chelsea Bridge".

And now for some random tidbits about the above:
- The Seven Dials are located at an intersection; three streets cross the intersection, and one leads to it. That means you can go in seven different directions.
- According to MapQuest, it takes seven minutes to go from Chelsea Bridge to Seven Dials ;-)
- Sundials are a kind of horologia, according to this page. The term "horologium" has been used by Bungie in the past.

I'd be glad if this led to somewhere, but it appears to me like, at best, an interesting coincidence. Then again, the last time I thought I was babbling meaningless stuff, I was actually quite close from the truth :-)


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