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Summarizing a couple of ideas

Posted By: Luigi <lorsina@mac.com>
Date: 13 June 2001, 13:22

Thus, we've to find a username and a password for arrival.bungie.org. A common feeling is that they can be found in the numbers of the glyphs (go guess why...), which have never been used (except for G3).

Some ideas (proposed by others, and summarized here):

A) the numbers are a Beale cipher, i.e., every number refers to a particular word in a particular text, and encodes the initial letter of the word.
Problems to be solved:

a) which text?
b) how can one encode the two zeroes which are in the glyphs (G3, G5)?

The answer to a) has been suggested: the text of the terminals in "Arrival", the first M1 map. I've tried, but the text is messed up: where do we have to begin it? Which terminal (we need one with at least 113 words, in order to deal with the 113 in G4)? Suggestions, anyone?

B) Take the numbers "pointed to" by the letters "ARRIVAL", as if they were clock hands. This gives us 7 + 7 numbers, which we must then convert into letters (maybe using the procedure A... and once again we are in troubles). I'm assuming here that both user&pass are 'intelligible' words, and not "ASDFGHJ" and "QZERTYU" (now you can tell which country I'm in...), for example. I've tried to apply the now well-known "ROT" mechanism to the numbers obtained in this way, with no success... Furthermore, and observing how the puzzles for the seven letters were different one another, I guess that the way of breaking this lock should be completely different from the others... Finally, the numbers form no sequence, nor sequences (so that user&pass could be the next terms in the sequence).

I think that a correct way would be to work on A), guessing which is the text or, better, how the terminal text has to be cut...


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