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Chelsea's Clues

Posted By: Shade <wwight@wso.williams.edu>
Date: 10 June 2001, 19:50

I feel like we need some new clues and lines of thought. Here's a list of things Chelsea has referenced, along with my guesses about her clues. I've left out references that obviously pertain to glyphs we've already solved.

Structures up to the sky.
-- buildings, towers
Floating masses in the vacuum above the spheres of air and dust above us.
-- galaxies, planets, astronomy
We build and build from what we extract from our planet.
-- what do we extract? metal and stone to make buildings
Endless complexity in our creations, intrinsically serving to increase the level of complexity around both the creations and us.
-- we're digging to deeply in the wrong directions
If only I'd had the time to sit by it and read my heavy stone books . . .
-- Mayans again, or something new?
Oh, I'm missing my good friend Sanctus, it seems, but I'm sure he's here somewhere.
-- something biblical? Not really Bungie style though
Tremate, empi, tremate.
-- ?
If only I were more mathematical. Those Mayans would have loved me.
-- ?
Too rigid, I suppose, for the level of chaos I prefer.
-- mathematics, chaos theory (the symbol in glyph 5?)
Perhaps I'll play some tic-tac-toe later, for a logic field trip. (Then again, what kind of tic-tac-toe could I play? There are countless variations on a theme, aren't there? I could always play three games at once. I like threes _and_ challenges.)
-- ?
Lots of tales here, in this bag of mine. Once I dig far enough down, I'm sure you'll hear more.
-- is this about the confirmation messages she's sending us?
You'll enjoy the outcome as much as I enjoy watching the clocks spin.
-- those damn clocks, or is it the spinning of our computers?
It's like the cat in the box--it won't be determined until you open it. There's so much more...
-- a reference to Schroedinger's cat, a well known quantum physics analogy

Directions to check out. Human structures, astronomy, quantum physics ...

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