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Claude's latest posts

Posted By: TheMaz
Date: 8 June 2001, 21:12

Hmm... Claude said a lot today... lemme take a shot at interpreting it all:

(1) In his post he said two gylphs came close to being solved and then *their progenitors* threw the ideas out. This may help limit the search for the lost solutions... the solutions were argued against by their own creators. If anybody out their remembers a theory they had that they later decided against REPOST IT... maybe some recent information can shed some light on things.

(2) Claude also said that a 3rd glyph (not necessarily the 3rd glyph- heh... I initially misread that part) was started on the right path, but got confused along the way. I read this to imply that this particular glyph is one of the more discussed glyphs (ACG, ESE) and NOT G5 or G2 (i haven't heard much discussion on those yet... i could be wrong). After all... the more theories a glyph has going for it the greater the chance we'd get sidetracked.

(3) G5 is officially not an ampersand. Someone found an old post (apologies- I forgot who and where) with an alternate interpretation of the symbol (he said it was close to the symbol for distillation). Are there any more old posts on G5 we can dust off... I have a gut feeling that this glyph is one of the two we came close to.


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