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Posted By: Bloodrain <bloodrain@clanplaid.net>
Date: 8 June 2001, 17:02

On the off chance that the "wrong turn/dead end" that Claude referred to has to do with G4, here is a list of meanings for "ACG" found in the acronym finder:

ACG Acorn Computer Group
ACG Acquisition Coordinating Group
ACG Address Coding Guide
ACG Advanced Computing Group
ACG Affiliation of Christian Geologists
ACG Air Cargo Glider
ACG Air Commando Group
ACG Airborne Coordinating Group
ACG All Condition Gear
ACG Allied Command Group
ACG Ambulatory Care Group
ACG American College of Gastroenterology
ACG Amphibious Combat Group
ACG Applied Computational Geometry
ACG Area Coordination Group
ACG Asheron's Call Guilds (hosting for AC players)
ACG Association Canadienne de Gastroenterologie (Canadian Association of Gastroenterology)
ACG Association Canadienne de Gérontologie (Canadian Association on Gerontology)
ACG Association for Corporate Growth
ACG Atlanta Counseling Group
ACG Australian Consulate General
ACG Automatic Call Gap
ACG Automatic Call Gapping
ACG Automatic Code Gapping
ACG Automatic Cross Generation
ACG Automatic Crosstell Gate
ACG Auxiliary Coastguard

Maybe one of these will trigger a brainstorm in someone else reading this.

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