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a possibility?

Posted By: TheMaz
Date: 6 June 2001, 23:39

Chelsea's latest message is about something underground and something in tubes... perhaps a subway? She is waiting at a terminal... and "Elle" has bright glasses (the headlights of a subway car??). Marathon did have a level named after a subway terminal (Carrol Street Station) so this may not be completely off base. I did some poking around... Carrol Street Station (in New York) has the F and G line running to it... two stops away (to the north northeast) there is Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station... which has lines *A, C and G* running to it... I'm not sure what to make of this, but its an interesting coincidence.

Also... in Infinity there are three "wrong" timelines the player can take... one of these timelines ends with Carrol Street Station. The only terminal on that level is exceedingly cryptic. Chelsea's message did seem to indicate that either Elle or herself had followed incomplete directions and taken a "wrong" path... possible connection?

very confused

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