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You really want to check this out... =)

Posted By: Slycrel <slycrel@yahoo.com>
Date: 6 June 2001, 17:43

Been talking with DogCow and thinking... what if the marathon story text (terminals) have something to do with all this? This seems fairly relevant and may just be a puzzle that's related. Chelsea said that she was underground, at a terminal, waiting... Sounds a bit like the 11th s'pht clan puzzle shown below....

From Marathon 2:

Six Thousand Feet Under (Terminal 5)



The royalty of the clans have shared their
knowledge of the S'pht'Kr, each Master
holding a line of the truth in secret and
another line in common.

Each clan possessed two pieces of the
whole, gifts from S'pht'Kr before

We know the truth of the Eleventh Clan,
that they awaited our unity to join us
again. These tunnels will be flooded and

Any who find this place can learn the final
message of the S'pht'Kr, but we have no
time to decipher its meaning.

K'lia, whom we have taken,
Between Y'loa and T'jia,
All in a line,
Replace K'lia with the marsh,
Take the place to be the mark.
Mark the time from our Exodus,
Every 459.231 rotations.
Search the T'jia side,
Quarter way to the sun,
Around and under the marshes,
When all are one,
The S'pht'Kr will return.


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