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Chelsea's Message is a Link to Marathon 2!

Posted By: Dogcow <alphafighter1@yahoo.com>
Date: 6 June 2001, 20:55

In Response To: You really want to check this out... =) (Slycrel)

After talking with Slycrel about Chelsea's last message we were reminded of the level where you reactivate the AI Thoth.

Think about her last message... the underground (below ground) at a terminal (marathon 2 terminal you read this)... and this terminal message was a Puzzle that Durandal could not take the time to solve.

follow the link.. around terminal #5: http://marathon.bungie.org/story/citadel.html#13

> Six Thousand Feet Under (Terminal 5)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Mnr-e /-/S'pht-Translator-Active/-/

> The royalty of the clans have shared their
> knowledge of the S'pht'Kr, each Master
> holding a line of the truth in secret and
> another line in common.

> Each clan possessed two pieces of the
> whole, gifts from S'pht'Kr before
> departing.

> We know the truth of the Eleventh Clan,
> that they awaited our unity to join us
> again. These tunnels will be flooded and
> sealed.

> Any who find this place can learn the final
> message of the S'pht'Kr, but we have no
> time to decipher its meaning.

> K'lia, whom we have taken,
> Between Y'loa and T'jia,
> All in a line,
> Replace K'lia with the marsh,
> Take the place to be the mark.
> Mark the time from our Exodus,
> Every 459.231 rotations.
> Search the T'jia side,
> Quarter way to the sun,
> Around and under the marshes,
> When all are one,
> The S'pht'Kr will return.

> Mnr-e

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