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Posted By: GodotDate: 11/19/19 5:23 a.m.

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: Outriders; a book by Jay Posey, has a disturbingly similar story to Marathon.
: Spoiler: the main character dies on page one. It's about super soldiers
: that need to die to be initiated, and have more than one body in case of
: death. The main character is recruited into this group, and his
: perspective is filled with more characters and subtleties than watered
: down cliches that most sci-fi books have. There are strained political
: relations between mars and earth because of supplies, poverty, and the
: militaristic nature of earth's government; (the UAF). Sounding familiar
: yet? These super secret "Outriders" need to stop a woman with
: the intention to provoke war etc. It's a great read; like a Brandon
: Sanderson kind of great. I just found it while sifting through my shelves
: today.

Interesting. Jay Posey started out working in the video game industry in 1998. So it would not surprise me if he knew about Marathon.


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