Re: Grey S'pht, Tfear, AI torture, dream levels
Posted By: Can-ned FoodDate: 9/1/17 5:19 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Grey S'pht, Tfear, AI torture, dream levels (General-RADIX)

Interesting thoughts, Philtron. No, I don't think this has ever been considered.

: However, grey spht and grey enforcers do appear in the dream levels as the
: only enemies we fight. Most people, I think, just assume that this shared
: color palette is coincidental and just a product of Bungie not having enough
: time or RAM to have extra color palettes for the dream levels.

What about the S'pht'Kr? Of course, being invisible, it is possible that they don't represent the Kr so much as the concept of enemies attacking and harrassing us from the shadows and corners and ledges. Battleroid PTSD.

Anyway, on with the CLUT talk.
Remember, too, that there are quite a few other CLUTs that were never used: S'pht, Troopers, Enforcers. Grey BoBs, too.
I figure that most people probably thought simply that Bungie devised a few CLUTs for each enemy, and then simply purposed the colors to signify the enemy's rank or the like.
It is possible, as you seem to suggest, that the grey variations were added for one reason — either the Vidmaster levels or the dream levels — and then some of the enemies with those CLUTs were allocated for the other. Which was planned first? From my understanding it was the dream levels.
Maybe Bungie liked the intimidating appearance of the grey guys, and maybe they toyed with darker black or other colors for Tfear's guard, but then settled on using grey and simply pulling those enemies out of the dream levels.
It's not like the Vidmaster Challenge levels actually occur in the ‘canonical’ timeline — correct?

However, that doesn't really explain why we don't see the grey BoBs in the dream levels. Were they pulled out because they were simply getting in the way? Or, maybe because, with the other monsters gone, having the visible enemies be only Enforcers and Compilers simplified things? RADIX's surmisal addresses this.

: Hm...I like the idea that the grey Enforcers and S'pht are the rest of
: Tfear's elite guard, but I'm less sold on Infinity being a delusion--AFAIK
: there isn't really anything else to suggest that the 'normal' levels
: aren't happening in reality.

What is this “reality” of which you speak? :-)

: Maybe these super-Elites/S'pht are showing up in the SO's dreams because they
: tried to condition him in between 'Ne Cede Malis' and 'Rise Robot Rise',
: and even if the conditioning didn't work (as I assume it didn't, or else
: he wouldn't be able to help Durandal and Thoth later), the unpleasant
: memories haven't gone away yet.

Hey, that's an idea.
I like mine better, though yours is probably nearer the facts of the matter. ;-)

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