Grey S'pht, Tfear, AI torture, dream levels
Posted By: PhiltronDate: 9/1/17 6:34 a.m.

Okay, so I was thinking about the dream levels in Infinity as well as the arena level, You Think You're Big Time. And this reminded me of an old theory I had that I don't think I ever posted.

Caveat: I only did a cursory search of the story forum to see if this had been posted before, because I'm lazy. Apologies if this has been stated before. Also, I'm too lazy to fact check all my points. :/ If nothing else my mistakes should generate enlightening discussion.


So, in You Think You're Big Time, all the enemies we fight have the grey color palette and we're informed by Tycho that they are Tfear's personal guard. So, grey palette=tfear's elite troops. In this level the only units that are missing are Enforcers and S'pht Compilers.

However, grey spht and grey enforcers do appear in the dream levels as the only enemies we fight. Most people, I think, just assume that this shared color palette is coincidental and just a product of Bungie not having enough time or RAM to have extra color palettes for the dream levels.

But, what if we don't make that assumption. What if we stick with the premise that a grey color palette = the unit belongs to Tfear's personal elite guard. What does that mean for the S'pht and Enforcers in the dream levels?

It means they belong to Tfear and they are present in the dreams of whoever the dream level's belong to. Tycho himself mentions that Tfear had a special unit of compilers training on how to trap and contain him, it would make sense if these compilers were being directed and lead by enforcers.

Point of my theory:

Marathon Infinity is actually happening in the mind of one of the characters (Durandal, Tycho, or the SO) as they are being tortured by Tfear's personal compilers and enforcers, who are either trying to prevent the torture victim from thinking of a solution to escape, OR, they are trying to force the torture victim to reveal certain information, but the torture victim is trying to avoid their inquisitions.

So, for example, if it's Durandal, then the entire game could be taking place after Durandal was captured and is being interrogated by the Enforcer lead Compilers, as he's exploring different possibilities for how to escape. The grey Enforcers and grey S'pht we see are manifestations of the real attempts of Tfear's guard to try and invade his mind.

Anyway, I've got more I could add to this, but I'm going to eat a pizza.

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