Re: Durandal = Enkidu?
Posted By: PhiltronDate: 3/2/17 5:32 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Durandal = Enkidu? (General-RADIX)

: Well, I did say it wasn't super-serious... (I interpret Durandal's
: relationship with the SO in M2 and MI as more 'partner' than 'mentor', but
: that's just me)

There is some minor similarity in that Enkidu was created by the gods while Durandal is also a creation, but by human beings. Also, Gilgamesh was a demigod (father was god, mother was human) and then elevated to divinity thus making him 2/3rds god (important numerology in ancient Babylonian culture) which kind of mirrors the fact that the SO is built partially with Jjaro technology (part human, part god) which is later activated (Marathon Infinity) thus elevating him to a more divine status.

Nevertheless, I don't think Bungie intended there to be any direct 1-to-1 analogy between their characters and any mythological or legendary figures.

For example, Enkidu was created by the gods, the way Durandal was created, but Enkidu was created specifically to challenge Gilgamesh's strength because Gilgamesh was acting like a total a-hole. No analogy there to Durandal and the SO (unless there's some evidence that the AIs were created specifically to deal with Battleroids).

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