Re: Durandal = Enkidu?
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 3/2/17 2:56 p.m.

In Response To: Durandal = Enkidu? (General-RADIX)

: Not something that I think Bungie intended, just a connection I made the
: other day.

: The KYT terminal mentions that the speaker (assumed to be the Security
: Officer, somehow) has been Gilgamesh, who in his own story had a buddy
: named Enkidu. Durandal is the closest thing the SO has to a constant
: companion; could he have been (or at least analogous to) Enkidu once?

: There's already some weird over-identifying going on with Durandal and his
: own namesake...

: (Note: this isn't a super-serious theory or anything at the moment; just
: something I thought might be worth discussing)

It's kinda... reaching. Enkidu is like a sidekick in that relationship. Durandal is more of the bog-standard brisungwunner (however it's spelled) mentor figure to the SO, like Merlin is to Arthur. Fortunately, Durandal never dies for melodramatic angst... oh, wait, he did kinda temporarily die in a few timelines, didn't he? Yep. Wise Old Mentor That Dies For The Plot. Then comes back because Durandal just won't quit.

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