Re: PiD "Do-not-disturb sectors"
Posted By: aperturegrillzDate: 1/27/17 9:08 a.m.

In Response To: Re: PiD "Do-not-disturb sectors" (xcalibur)

Thanks, that's already quite helpful.

: the pale violet potion gives you a buffer against all damage. it works as a
: shield that eventually breaks after a certain amount of damage, kind of
: like body armor in other games.

Ah, that explains what I was experiencing - I assumed it was true invulnerability on a timer. I was trying to use it on the Ghast wave of Ok, Who Else Wants Some? and got confused when I started taking damage again after a few seconds.

BTW, I don't know if anyone's noticed before, but PiD has some reload/cooldown-canceling bugs. If you use the number keys to switch weapons after firing, you can cancel the weapon cooldown and fire faster, mostly useful with the knife, P4, and M-79 (As a side note, this works in Marathon 1 as well). This also seems to cancel reloads so if you do it with the M-79 you can fire that quickly. The other thing I found is, if you switch to your inventory right after firing and manually reload the weapon with your mouse and re-equip it, it will be ready to fire immediately. You can use this technique to effectively "rapid-fire" grenades, which provides a very safe way to deal with the Ghast wave at the end of the game - aim at one group of Ghasts, fire a frag grenade, pause, load another frag grenade, unpause and fire, then aim at the other four Ghasts and repeat.

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