Re: Marathon R continued
Posted By: TychoDate: 8/10/16 6:19 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Marathon R continued (Lion O Cyborg)

: Glad to be of service. There are some quite bad bugs in Habe Quddiam though
: which are forcing me to reload from FIREX5: Both shield terminals do not
: work, like in Cool Fusion, and the game crashes when you try to use the
: secret door by the upstairs Looker switch.

: This means I need to backtrack through the lava but I didn't know that the
: second term didn't work also and I have about 5% of health after getting
: the AEC.

: That's something I found soon after reloading my game although Ship for Sale
: is fine.

: I also find it weird that the secret terminal to the RPG room from the early
: M1A1 isn't there when the lift puzzle is also no longer a puzzle like that
: one, but the second lava pillar lift to the ledge with the pfhor in Habe
: Quddam is.

The maps will behave and be different because we had multiple people make maps. This is both good and bad. On the one hand you get a different flavour and style that keeps things interesting, but on the other hand the effects are not 100% consistent across maps. In addition, modifications to the maps from the original had to be made simply to accommodate for the UT engine forcing the gameplay to change. So different map makers solved those problems differently. Finally, there are the bugs. Some things just were buggy. That just sucks, I know.

As for Habe Quiddam...the first charger is broken, but the second one works. You just have to step away from it a bit and find just the right angle. I say this, because I tried it out for someone and posted on the M:R forum to confirm in 2012 :) which is my way of saying, some of the things you're encountering in terms of bugs might have answers on the M:R forum. I hope that helps.

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