Tour of Duty: I Haven't Killed Anyone Since 1485
Posted By: MartinDate: 2/14/16 12:33 a.m.

Tempus Irae
I Haven’t Killed Anyone Since 1485

Last time on Tour of Duty we watched an execution, climbed down a lot of stairs, killed quite a few Pfhor, and smashed four circuit panels, while our image cloned for an AI tried to fight its merge with Tycho. Now we’ve come to find yet more circuits, to expose the Enforcers to vacuum and stop them from repairing the damage we’ve been doing.

The level is small – our first impression is -too small-. The area we can access obviously, is a loop around some goo pools, with a few terminals and some telltale signs of other areas we just can’t quite get to. In fact the lhowon.org map suggests we start randomly at one corner of the loop.

There are a lot of extra lines on the map for external views, but they actually look pretty cool on the overhead map too! The contents of this loop’s left and right sides are pretty similar, with a terminals on either side of an inset structure in the middle, and not much else to speak of. The right side does have an alcove room with a Pattern Buffer, however.

The terminal to the north on the right side of our loop has a message from -us-, our image having repressed Tycho again briefly:

Cleaned up a bit, and given some punctuation, I offer:

I have repressed Tycho for a moment. Can you imagine my pain when the Pfhor brought me out of the Pattern Buffer and sewed my mind into Tycho’s? I curse myself. You are my own image and I cannot escape it. Go on then, kill my body! Burn me. It will be the death of you too. Tycho will see to that, you can dest….

I want to say “destiny”, but that makes no sense :). Perhaps more likely “destroy” – destroy my something, but not something else? You can never take our freeeeedom?

The other terminals are like the engineering ones from the previous level, and really do make out that things are in a bad way now.

I guess that’s what happens when things are left up to us.

After circling for a bit, we realise there are ledges we could jump down to past the goo from the top and bottom of our loop. They offer 2x shield rechargers and oxygen rechargers, as this level is already in vacuum, even though we haven’t effected that change yet … or are we somehow outside looking in? Okay the spoiler guide, and I guess the terminals if I had paid more attention, suggest we are in the “intrahull space”, so, inside the hull? And we are to open the inside to space … or the outside, I’m well confused by now *ahem*. The ledges also both have teleporters, but they simply return us to our loop.

It takes a little more thought to realise we could swim around behind them, and there, lo and behold, is a magical corridor holding the goo in place in the form of walls! Now who’s inside and who’s outside? To the east it looks like there should have been a lift down from above, but the switch for it isn’t playing ball. We continue west through a door, another door, and a third, and come to an area that really does look like we’re outside, with the floor texture cleverly done in diagonal beams, and space visible through the other parts!

We have to go around a structure up ahead, to the left or right. If we keep tending right we come to a room with a Pattern Buffer we cannot access – it is covered over with the blue electric fence texture we’ve come to recognise, and we are thankful for the consistency. Due west from the structure we went around is an oxygen canister and some Flechette ammo, for whatever reason, and we also notice the two circuits we came for, in front, slightly above our heads. And we have good views “outside” of the Enforcers trying to fix things. When we bust the circuits, those Enforcers do indeed explode in spectacular fashion, after a short delay. Job done!

And now what? Well opposite that Pattern Buffer we couldn’t access, there is now an open room with a terminal also covered with fence texture. We can actually access it if we’re quick, but getting close to it triggers our being teleported away to escape this deadly situation, and take in some much needed rest.

How can something so PINK be hostile? I guess the in-game equivalent of their art is:

Which VBB sent to me described as a DBZ rejuvenation tank – not a reference I knew, but I get the idea, you know, from Google :). Anyway.

All we can do here is walk around and stock up. All of our weapons are AWOL but there are also no enemies, so that’s a fair trade.

Interesting is that the map shows a 1x shield recharger. There is a canister right about there, but curiously the round pinkish thing on the wall is indeed also a recharger! I have the feeling we’ve seen its like before, but here I wouldn’t have picked it, plus it seems redundant.

The single terminal brings us up to date. We took a dose of radiation and have been recovering; the K’alima did indeed crash and burn in the Sun; the Pfhor have set up camp in a volcano on the surface and still want to mess with Earth’s past. Why does it always have to be a volcano?

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