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Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 1/20/16 5:50 a.m.

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: I really like that mushroom idea. The treasure all adds up to your dollar
: score at the end... which you can't spend. Everyone really cares about
: those high scores, after all =/

High scores are good but why can't we use the money? Hog all the treasure and have the Jjaro get more of it when they arrive for the scientists to study.

Maybe the money value if you collect every treasure item could have been used as a token to get the CD copy of PID and M1 free? (cheaters would not be counted) They'd probably need video proof so that may not have worked back then, but there's always doing it on the OSX one as an MTA and M4 ARG.

If it doesn't break in game, if I were in Eddings' shoes, I'd give my blue crystal to Kristina if she'd like it. (She had a picture of what looked like the Blue Crystal that I linked to in Chapter 2)

: That's cooking up an idea in my head to spend it on post-game content as a
: reward. Build-your-own pyramid?

Possibly. Build your own labyrinths deep inside the rural Kyoto cave system as another?

Build your own Marathon from old soup cans, rubber cement and plastic tubing with a car battery generator, Atari 2600 flight control, Dyson ion engines and a barrel of Jack for fuel? (thumbs up if you get that one)

: The blue crystal will get replaced by the orange crystal soon, so go nuts I
: say (you can still shoot your pistol with the crystal equipped, you know).
: It can be handy for ooze encounters. (btw, which ladder will you take
: first?)

Whichever ladder I happen to go to first, backtracking to Wrong Way if I go the real wrong way. (I get the ladders mixed up)

: I think you're getting better at writeups, but this obviously isn't meant to
: be a thorough review since you aren't getting entire conversation trees.
: It's more like a casual feel-as-you go playthrough. I like that. PiD
: could've been great if it were introduced 20 years into the future during
: the streaming era. Stupid 5 nights at Freddies and Undertale's got nothing
: on blind PiD playthroughs.

Thank you. FNAF is nothing but Night Trap on SEGA CD with a Chuck-E-Cheese theme and a brilliant story that no one will ever notice barring game theorists everywhere due to unpredictable and unfair jump scares in some of the most boring gameplay ever.

Eternam is quite good too for casual let's plays, and believe me, a walkthrough for that is essential even though I don't enjoy having to use one when I get stuck in that.

I've been playing the diskette version on DOSbox but I'm lacking a manual for story introductions and the like. (boot disks and other unnecessary DOS stuff not needed)

I'm also watching a blind Conker let's play too. I've got the N64 game on Rare Replay on Xbone and even the crappy censored remake on the real Xbox 1.

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