Chapter 3 (proper)
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 1/19/16 6:53 a.m.

Chapter 3 (proper) I'm glad that I don't own this room

Last time on Tour of Duty, we recovered the blue crystal from They may be Slow. Now we continue up the pyramid to the capstone. I will try to get the pipes in this writeup and take the warp zone back down. Just a heads-up, this writeup here is chapter 3; I accidently named the last one chapter 3 when I meant 2. (Whoops)

This is the whole map for the level. Normally you only get to see half of it at a time as the two sections are separated from each other. We are taking the right side with the warp zone in the bottom left beside the ladder room.

It may be harder to see it with the game paused but that dark thing that looks a little like a Sípht is a Banshee. In other words, one of the Phantasms Hans told us about downstairs. I had already equipped my Blue crystal beforehand and freeze him with it.

The following rooms mainly consist of skeletons accompanied by at least 1 headless. In a small room near the centre of my path with two more meatless zombies and a pair of ammo clips, I hear a very familiar sound when I kill them. Yes, itís the Marathon item pick-up noise!

This means that Iíve just levelled up one of my guns, in this case the Walther P4. Levelling up is different to XP as it only applies to weapons, unlike in most other RPGs, and can be gained simply by using that weapon more.

The result is better damage against monsters which is a good addition for later levels before you get another gun and/or crystal.

The journey to the upstairs ladder is rather uneventful unless you count the skeletons and headless along the way. My route takes me through the long, niched hallway to the far north.

The body near the ladder says to watch out for spectres, which is fitting for upstairs, not down here.

He doesnít remember his name either, seems to be a bit of a trend here. This German prefers the headless over the skeletons because at least they had the courtesy to stop shooting when you hit them. He didnít have a good encounter with them thoughÖ

And it tastes even worse. He isnít much of a talker so I leave him and go on my way.

* * *

Once again; I return to writing after a long break. It is now 2016 and I need to make better progress on this. I tried continuing last night but the Virtual Machine didnít work due to the Authorisation service not running. It appears to be running now so thatís good.

I climb up to Evil Undead Phantasms must Die and immediately get ambushed by a bunch of headlesses and skeletons behind the pillars around the ladder.
No banshees yet so thatís good. I used the blue crystal on some of the zombies to kill them quicker but I should be saving it for the shades.

Iím about by the Northwest section of the map by the group of six cobblestone pillars. Iím considering going for the body (Claude) near the other ladder for ammo and exposition but Iím worried about the time.

I donít like cheating in this game unless itís Anywhere (only in certain conditions) or Turbo for backtracking. If I run out of time somewhere along the line and have screwed myself from getting one of the good endings, Iíd have to use the Reset cheat to show you guys the ending.

Anyway, no screenshots so far as itís just a sea of columns and monsters. (Banshees are among them) Soon after moving on, a slime ball from a headless flies straight past my ear after I kill another headless and skeleton. A bit farther on, I find a large pearl which brings me up to 8 XP and 10 HP.

Other than the pearlís shininess and value that is. I wish you could use the treasure items for something other than just the two rings and cloak later on with passive effects either positive or negative.

Other than the pearlís shininess and value that is. I wish you could use the treasure items for something other than just the two rings and cloak later on with passive effects either positive or negative.

Any suggestions for such treasure effects? Mine would be using the silver bowl to eat the mushrooms in lower floors (mushroom soup) for a red potion or violet potion effect (weaker than the potion itself) and making the screen go all colorful and trippy, with the colors growing more vibrant and pretty as the effect wears off.

I fight my way around Banshees and more of the other two monsters so far and loot ammo from Claude. He says not to take his gun in case the banshees come back, implying he can still see. He wishes death on Muller like the rest of them and died from a spectre after three headless wounded him.

He does remember seeing the pyramid from outside, thinking it was abandoned from the way it looked.

He tells me to go away if I ask his name so I oblige.

I save my game and proceed up to the next floor by the ladder just west of the save rune.

I donít know if 5D space was a conceived idea at Bungie HQ before Marathon 1 but it may well have been since all levels before this one were around the same size. The mapmakers could just not have been paying attention to the pyramidís shape. (Díoh!)

There are some red columns (red marble?) here and a nice chessboard pattern in the floor.

It looks a bit more like a checkers board though. Nasties start firing on me before I even enter the hallway. I find only one banshee so far among the many skeletons and headless. Joachimís body is in the west corner. He hid here when he was wounded while the other fought some skeletons. He died when a headless found him.

Joachim also says that Muller left after the fight; it was the phantasms that did it.

He also says that Muller was looking for something to help the Nazi party in the war, but he didnít reveal his plan to the others.

Hmmm, interesting. We will meet these skeletons deep below us our current level. I follow a columned hallway through two doors to a save rune, guarded by a spectre and some lesser monsters.

The door closes behind me when I leave, forcing me to push on through more monster infested hallways in a spiral pattern through more closing stone doors.

I run into a big group of nasties in the centre of the spiral. The banshees are harder to deal with as I have to dodge shots from the other monsters while waiting for the crystal to recharge. They do hit each other in the crossfire which helps me out a bunch. I finally reach the centre of the pyramidís capstone and retrieve the Jjaro flute.

I think the book in question might have been the pied piper in reference to the pipes resembling an alien set of bagpipes. Picking it up brings me to 11 XP. I guess the Pfhor making pellet rifles out of these instruments is a bit like the Jiralhanae repurposing Huragok built imitations of human combine harvesters into weapons.

Iíd just like to say, I noticed back in the save rune room that the cobblestones up here look cleaner than the ones below us, if a little mossy. The downstairs walls looked like they had blood on them too in places where the moss is on this cobblestone, though it could have just been red fungus.

I make my way back downstairs and save. Now, we all know Marathon and Doom had secret doors disguised as walls. Wolfenstein 3D and ROTT: Dark War had pushwalls that slid away in the floor to reveal secrets. They were used a lot more often in several interesting ways in ROTT besides secret hiding,

Pathways into Darkness has fake walls like the one the blue crystal was hidden behind. These also appeared a few times in Doom and a lot more in Build engine games such as Duke Nukem 3D and Blood.

They are too rare in PID to hide many secrets but one thing they do hide is:

As I said before after you let me know to go to But theyíre Hungry first, I will take the warp zone back downstairs to reach the Ground Floor. It drops me just beside the ladder up on Lock&Load. I think the purple tears in spacetime that make up PIDís teleporters are very much like the ones in Bioshock Infinite, but thatís only because I played that game first. These tears also let you see what was on the other side; these ones do not, and they reset the automap for the level you go to.

I go through the teleporter and high-tail it to the downstairs ladder. I have to deal with a couple of pesky headless on the way but I am able to outrun the second one. I didnít even think it was possible to outrun any monster in this game.

I climb back down the ladder and save my game.

I will end off here and use the pipes in the next chapter. Iíll need a ground floor map for the start of that one as we will be seeing more of the ground floor. Thanks for reading and putting up with me.

Iíll continue with Chapter 4: the Unknown Depths below.

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