Re: Rubicon: Frog Blasting
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 11/24/15 9:27 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Rubicon: Frog Blasting (General-RADIX)

: I completely forgot how I cleared that level, unfortunately, and I can't
: remember anything about that particular route except that I wandered it
: for a while, too.

: I CAN say that when the guide tells you to "jump down to this
: walkway" after grabbing Tycho's magical free-floating chip, you
: shouldn't actually jump straight from there; you need to double back to
: the pattern buffer and swim through the other underwater route (the one on
: the left, IIRC). Trying to take that shortcut will land you a story below
: where you're supposed to go, and there's no way up.

: Kinda wonder if that chapter of the Spoiler Guide was written with Blasted
: Frogs in mind; the "shortest route to 3" looks a bit more
: straightforward there.

I've found out it was a sodding breakable panel by the second Durandal terminal that looked more like decorative lights as part of that terminal. But you're still hounded by probes and flymines.

There's also worse Jugs here than Infinity that there's no point in wasting ammo on, this level has no decent supplies as it is.

I like the atmosphere of Sodding the Logs: it makes me think of the Dark Bowers level I want to include in Path of K.A.P, but with Pfhor instead of monsters, no (intended anyway) night sky and less hills.

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