Let's Play Halo:CE pt 3
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 5/31/15 3:14 p.m.

Reunion Tour

We're introduced to the sniper rifle, handy for picking off foes from a distance, and flares shoot into the air showing us where to find more survivors.

We find some structures around a hub area and kill some covenant. If you let all the marines in an area die, Cortana will say you failed and there's 0% survivors... and still let you continue the game, thankfully. It's like an apology for the insanity of the bob rescue levels in marathon by reversing it so you have to kill them all to hear the failure message.

Captain Keyes has been captured and is being held on a covenant ship called the Truth and Reconciliation. What is with these names, anyway? Is there a convention or theme to these? Anyway, the truth and reconciliation is floating out in a desert and we have to go there to board it. Everyone else that was left on the Pillar of Autumn was killed.

Truth and Reconciliation

We're dropped off in the desert by Foe Hammer and we must covertly kill the covenant in the area with a sniper rifle to sneak over to their battle cruiser.

NOW we're told how to turn on our flashlight. Um... okay? I figured it out in Pillar of Autumn, because I NEEDED it in Pillar of Autumn. Why did you wait to tell me now?

Man, this map is horrible... I need to bring up the checkpoint system and how awful it is. The game automatically saves a checkpoint when you pass certain areas, and that's where you reload to if you die. There's no such thing as pattern buffers, and you can't have the convenience of saving whenever you want like an FPS save system should be, so you'll often have to redo a lot of stuff, and sometimes you'll be in a compromised position when you hit a checkpoint and you had no warning! You have the option to save the last checkpoint, so if you're screwed over with low health or something when you hit the next checkpoint, if you saved the last one, you can go back and redo it, I think. I haven't really tried that, and how often do you save the last checkpoint? For me, it's not that often. I bring this up now because of how horrible the last section of the map is.

We hit a checkpoint just before we reach the area with the gravity beam into the battle cruiser, and there's a lot of baddies to fight. Okay, but you don't get another checkpoint when wave after wave of enemies start beaming down from the ship. It's really hard, and I don't like redoing the first part to get to this.

This section almost feels impossible. The marines are almost useful and the turrests are ok-ish, but they just keep coming. I had to look up a walkthrough to see if I was missing something, like maybe it's infinite and I'm supposed to sneak into the ship between waves, but no, you really have to wait it out. The guide did say to pick the turret, I mean, shade near the entrance so the enemies will be bottle necked trying to walk up the narrow hill to get me.

It sort of works. Sometimes. At one point when all the marines died and I was going to get swarmed if I didn't eject (as usual), I accidentally fell down to the entrance and it created another checkpoint save. Umm... what? Was that a glitch? THIS is what I'm talking about with compromised positions! Well, the checkpoint helped me more than hinder me, actually, as the covenant didn't want to follow me too far down the hills, so I could hide behind the rock and recharge between attacking them one at a time (that feels duke nukem forever-ish, and that's not a good thing. I like challenges, but this... ugh, it's frustrating tedium).

Eventually music starts playing and some Hunters come out. Yes, that's what they're called, and they even look a lot like the hunters from marathon. Crazy, isn't it? But they're way bigger. It's like a Hulk wearing the hunter armor.

These guys are laughably easy after the frustration I had to go through. They always miss and they have an exposed weak spot in the belly to use the sniper on.

After that's FINALLY done, I get some more marines so we can board the Truth and Reconciliation. Also, the captain controls the system via a neural network, just like the glanded pfhor captain of Tycho's ship.

The next map is Belly of the Beast, and it certainly is a new map this time, yet the list of saves says I'm still in "truth." Is the names on the saves chapters? I think they must be chapters. Geez, I didn't count, but I bet I just had to power through 7 waves of those guys. What bull s'pht. Maybe it was a mistake to play Legendary.

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