Destiny is the reverse story of PiD (theory)
Posted By: PhiltronDate: 10/15/14 6:09 p.m.

I have a tenuous theory that Destiny's overarching plot is actually an inversion of the story of Pathways into Darkness, on a symbolic (not literal) level. Apologies: I'm not doing any research or double checking my facts in this, so let me know if I get something wrong.

Pathways into Darkness:

So, in Pathways, we have a slumbering demon god, the Wrkncacnter, who crashed to Earth and was trapped beneath the ground (I don't remember: did he crash there accidently? or did the Jjaro trap him there?) If I remember correctly from Marathon, the Wrkncancter is so powerful that it alters reality and the monsters in the labyrinth are his dreams.

Anyway, the Wrk begins to awaken, summoning monsters as well as Sentinels (monk looking guys) to guard itself. As this happens, U.S. soldiers are descending into the Pyramid to detonate a bomb and put the Wrk back to sleep. They know to do this thanks to the instructions of the Jjaro.


The Traveller visits our solar system, altering the reality of entire planets and all of our technology. Then the Traveller is nearly destroyed and now rests on Earth. It periodically brings Guardians "back to life", essentially summoning them from nothing, and gives them some of its own power in order to protect itself. Alien civilizations, along with a mysterious force called "the Darkness", are said to be responsible for the fall of human civilization and the defeat of the Traveller, but were unable to destroy it completely. Now the Traveller is beginning to regain its power and is becoming more active as it sends Guardians and Ghosts out into the solar system.

There's also a lot of clues in Destiny (and grimoire cards) that has led to some online speculation that the Traveller will actually be revealed to be a villain later in the story.

The symbolic connections:

So, there's some similar words being used. "Sentinel" is just another word for "Guardian" and PiD's Sentinels guard the Wrk just as the Guardians defend the Traveller and Earth.

Then, the narrative of defeat, imprisonment, slumber/near death/dormancy, followed by rising back to power at the beginning of the game, is very similar between the Traveller and the Wrk. So is their ability to alter reality around themselves and summon beings to their defense.

Here's what I'm saying: Destiny is actually the story of Pathways into Darkness told in reverse and from the other perspective. The Traveller is the Wrkncacnter and our solar system is the Pyramid.

The players in Destiny are the equivalent of the monsters and/or Sentinels from PiD. The aliens in Destiny (Fallen, Vex, etc.) which helped defeat the Traveller, but were only able to put it to sleep and weren't able to destroy it completely, are essentially the various groups that descend into the Pyramid (the U.S. marines, the German soldiers) to do the same thing to the Wrk. Then logically, "the Darkness" which is the ultimate enemy of the Traveller would be Destiny's equivalent of the Jjaro.

If Pathways INTO Darkness was about soldiers descending into the Pyramid to put the Wrk back to sleep, then Destiny, which is about Guardians ascending through the solar system to awaken the Traveller, could be called Pathways OUT OF Darkness. Interestingly enough, Bungie's ViDoc where they unveil Destiny for the first time is called "Pathways Out Of Darkness".

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