The Rose Pistols
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 1/11/14 5:43 p.m.

On the level The Rose, there is a secret area containing several Pfhor Fighters, a hidden door revealing a secret Durandal terminal, two Pistols, and some Magnum ammunition. What I didn't realize until now is what's next to those Pistols and ammo:

Two dead BoBs! It would seem that those BoBs were armed with a pistol each when they finally died, unlike all the other BoBs we see in the game. This sounds more like what we hear in the Lost Network Packets:

Our defenses are collapsing. I had no idea just how soft all
of our security personnel have become. They just can't fight
anymore. Maybe it was the stasis, or maybe they just never
fought a hard fight.

Maybe these two were security personnel? Then again, they're wearing just standard [?crew?airlock_technician] uniforms, so maybe they're just two friends who managed to arm themselves and try to fight the Pfhor, only to be killed in this... weird... place...

What kind of hallway is this anyhow?


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