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Posted By: oogaBoogaDate: 1/2/14 3:06 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Myth Kickstarter (Forrest of B.org)

AFAIK Simon just up and disappeared, I never heard about any drama related to Portal of Sigma.

As far as this rumor of something in our project being used without permission, it's blatantly false. The entire crux of magma's argument, are accusations towards us that they themselves are guilty of.

They have been blatantly lying for the past decade or more about having some "agreement" with take 2 to work on the Myth engine. No such agreement exists between magma and take 2, and not only that - magma is not a legal entity. I have sat by and watched them continuously lie about the existence of this agreement.

When I reminded them of this very big lie they've been telling, during an argument in which they tried to use that lie as if it were a fact, in front of the general forum public, they gagged me from the forums. (And as petty as it sounds, even disallowed me from uploading new creations to the Tain. This is why you don't see Myth HD Total Conversion v1 sitting on the tain right now.).

They even went back and deleted all references to their lies about having an agreement, which is something they had to consciously do - at least if they couldn't admit it to me or the public, I imagine that performing the action of deleting their lies must have forced them to come to terms with their own deceitfulness. I can still remember the threads those lies were most prominent in - now there isn't even an empty edited post, they used admin powers to permanently remove all trace. Wonderful.

Even if I don't get public redemption, someone had to go back and perform those deletions. Someone had to come to terms with being a liar.

So magma's very loud and widely-believed lie is that "ooga and ren stole the myth models".

I'm sorry, but how did I steal the myth models from magma, when magma has absolutely no legal claim over them? They possess them in an illegal context. Just like they've been illegally modifying the myth code for years. I'm trying to spot anything in magma's actions that constitute moral superiority to anything i've done in my development, and I cannot. They are exactly as culpable for manipulating IP that doesn't belong to them as me and ren are.

But neither party should be worried since nobody is trying to sell a modified myth application. Nobody is pumping out t-shirts with trow on them. Nobody is making a cent, therefore nobody at take 2 will care.

It all boils down to this - magma is slow, they dont mind taking 10 years to make something. I do mind taking that long. I saw their rate of progress, and started using my hard-earned Alias Studio knowledge to crank out renders at a much smoother and faster pace with just myself and renwood at the helm. I offered magma EVERY RENDER I MADE as a token of good faith.

They kept insisting we "wait until they release their version" of the higher quality units, before we release our project. That would have had us waiting for years - literally i'd still be waiting. Because they haven't released shit. They are years late releasing their 32 bit image format upgrade as well.

I don't feel bad at all for pursuing higher quality myth models in a faster timeframe. By the time magma's version comes out, there wont even be the meager 10 afk players that Gate of Storms has now to appreciate their work.

At least a lot of people, even former "enemies" of ours, had nothing but compliments for the work me and ren did. People who were always dicks to us were suddenly giving us begrudging, and no-so-begrudging compliments.

I work because I love myth and want to create something great. Anybody that could believe a project I am involved with is a scam obviously doesn't know jack shit about me. Trust me, I know Ren's flaws better than anyone else, and after all this he's still a much better partner than everyone in magma combined. I'd rather be friends with an asshole who's honest about his shortcomings than a bunch of vitriolic nerds who will ostracize members of their own community to preserve a lie.

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