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Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 10/19/12 4:17 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Myth Kickstarter (Godot)

: Ah yes. Version 1.1 of the Aleph one scenario, Portal of Sigma for SDL. First
: chapter as well as 11 net levels.
: http://fileball.treellama.org/files/marathon/aleph1/scenarios/PortalofSigmaSDLv11.zip

Wasn't there some drama involved somewhere with someone contributing something to that project without the permission of its creator? I mean no slight against Simon as I have fond memories of him and if I recall he was duped by whatever happened and that largely killed the project. I just bring it up because this connection to something involving Renwood makes me wonder if any of the same people are involved between the two, besides Ooga who I doubt was the source of the Sigma drama, since he's been a great productive member of both the Marathon and Myth communities. (Calling their project "Myth IV" is not something I'm fond of though).

Also FYI Ooga is also developing Project Mjolnir, another (much more polished) port of the Marathon units and weapons to Myth (based on Astro the Space Duck's older "Somewhere In The Heavens" tagset). It's really tons of fun running around the Myth world with a bunch of Bobs and Marines toting weapons from the canon trilogy and every major mod, mowing down whole armies of Pfhor and their slaves. You can find it on the Tain here (with longer description and screenshots).

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