Beta 2 test: Beware of Low-Flying...
Posted By: GodotDate: 7/22/13 6:38 a.m.

Somebody sure likes this level name since variations of it have also been used in PID and in M2. The level was created by Alex Seropian but modified by Jason Jones (who also renamed it). So there's your explanation for the re-use of the name. I wonder if Jason added the 3D-like effect to many of the corridor walls? It's a nice aesthetic detail that only comes with level design experience. To be perfectly frank, if I had not been told this was Alex's level I would have thought Jason created it. It even has an inaccessible (teaser) weapons room similar to Colony Ship for Sale.

But I digress…

One of the big changes you will find between the beta and M1A1 is the narrow window looking into the exit terminal room. This window is now the right size and height, you can fire through it and I dare anyone to stand in front of it on Total Carnage with the berserker MADDs firing at you. Mostly harmless indeed. You just have to love Durandal's humour.

I don't think I gave them any ammunition for those grenade launchers.

Berserker MADDs attack everything (good to know, stand back and let them do their thing first). They also fly lower (ladened with grenades?) than normal MADDs (hence the level name). You might miss this fact since you're most likely running in the other direction. ;)

You can easily find yourself being teleported off this level before exploring it completely so read the terminals carefully.

On the subject of terminals this level contains one of the most important terminals in the story. Tycho's rage terminal and it's not even secret. All of Tycho's other terminals have been secret. If you never found them you might be wondering "Who the hell is Tycho?"

In the Marathon resource fork, the terminals on this level are designated as "RefuelandRearm" so before you switch the lights out do both. In addition to refuelling at the 3X recharger grab that BCE Super Shield… you're going to need it. :)

Neat little level, plays like the original. Hoorah.

Now for the pain...


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