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Posted By: GodotDate: 6/6/13 7:37 a.m.

In Response To: Tour of Duty - Cool Fusion (PerseusSpartacus)

: Those grenades were
: clearly placed to make sure we could get to those switches. But in that
: case, where's the Assault Rifle? Sure we have one now, 'cause we've been
: playing through all the previous levels. But what about Vidmasters?! They
: don't have an Assault Rifle, so they're screwed!

Aye. Having implemented a 'start any level' option it is unfortunate that this occurs on two of the campaign levels. Back in the day we had Tim Seufert's Marathon Vidmaster Challenge Physics Model but unless you were on Usenet you probably would never have seen this. Of course, the number of people who were actually vidding and uploading their films back in '95 could be counted on one hand. Indeed, two fingers.

: The lights turn out, and dozens of Fighters and a few Troopers ambush us from
: all around. The problem here is that the pit isn't large enough to give us
: wiggle-room between all these Pfhor. As such, our best bet is to just gun
: everything down. Our instinct may tell us to use the AR, but it's probably
: wiser to use the Flamethrower we got last level. On Normal, this certainly
: isn't the hardest fight of the game, but it is tricky. However, on Total
: Carnage, I would bet this fight is one of the most deadly in the series,
: given how aggressive those Purple Troopers are even on Normal, let alone
: on Total Carnage.

Aye. Very tough on Total Carnage unless you have the flamethrower. Which is probably why Jason put it in the level before. Jason created both this level and Smells Like Napalm...

If you are starting out this level under Vidmaster rules then there is trick to beating The Pit which is documented on the Vid page. Unfortunately it doesn't work in M1A1. Probably because monster behaviour is handled differently in AlephOne.

It should be interesting to see how our Rampancy friends handle The Pit. Will they both dive in or will Narcogen insists that Blackstar jumps in first... and dies... allowing him to shoot the rest from the safety of the ledge. ;)

"No, I want YOU to jump down!"

Run, Blackstar... run!


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