The Blame Game (Not Blam!)
Posted By: DispatcherDate: 6/1/13 11:58 a.m.

So, before Leela sent that light speed (radio) message to Earth (more on that later), she tells the Security Officer that he must use replacement chips to activate the MADD system. But of course while in Defend This! the drones are already fighting the enemy before we activate the proper switches.

This is a clear example of (Bungie not harmonizing the story with the levels, er,) Leela having been damaged. (Or maybe since you can only carry one chip at a time, the only thing to do was have 3 non-chip switches on the level which have nothing to do with the MADDs but everything to do with an off and on texture. (Bungie could have put chips into the level instead and used chip switches.)

Back to the light speed message sent later in G-4 Sunbathing. Its been hammered to death before at this site, but since tau Ceti is about 11.9 LY from Sol/ Earth instead of 92 LY, (Bungie clearly didn't check its facts, er) the artificial sentient beings aboard the Marathon must have been damaged. What has been commonly explained is that Leela was damaged. Well, the MADD system switches must be further evidence to back this idea up.

However, this all begs the question; "Since anyone with a grain of education in that time period would know the distance between tau Ceti and Earth, why doesn't the Security Officer correct her?"

Yes, yes,I know that the Officer can't respond in the game. That's a feature. But then in the established tradition of defending Bungie (or the technology chosen for the game), we can attribute the Officer's silence to: he's a mute, he's a (gasp!) cyborg whose speech ability is damaged, or maybe his mind is already a bit jumbled. Or any combination.

So at this point in the game, we have one admitted Rampant, another damaged AI and maybe we as the Security Officer are damaged (or suffering from shock).

I defer to any two brave souls to accept the challenge of playing either Defend This! or G-4 Sunbathing in A1 co-op mode and after reading the proper terminals, messaging to each other in game that you suspect Leela is damaged (or deranged). (I'm assuming that messaging is enabled in co-op.) See what she does to you then! Remember HAL? At least she can't expose you to hard vacuum, since you're already there. But then again, there are the oxygen rechargers. I wonder which AI controls those? Ah, the deviousness of Bungie.

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