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Most Recent Post: 5/9/03 9:03 p.m.

"Fire control systems are non-operational."

Oh, you wanted actual info and not one of the random video game quotes that will be floating around in my head until the end of time?

My username on XBL is Meresin. You could always send me an invite, but I request that you only do so if you are not an idiot.

Otogi (for Xbox) is an underappreciated video game, so you should pick up a copy if you find it. It's hard, though, and it has some kind of annoying camera issues, so maybe it's not for everybody. But it's definitely pretty.

Also, if you like pen and paper roleplaying, I can recommend Legend of the Five Rings to you. It is a samurai fantasy game that comes in both classic and d20 forms, but I think the regular system is probably better. The older books are excellent, although the newer material has some good bits.

That is all.

A pretty good webcomic.

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