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Egg Hunt (Long)
Posted By: Elan SleazbaganoDate: 11/22/02 8:16 p.m.

I have decided to compose a detailed listing of facts about the egg we are all trying to discover. Everything I list is fact and will be backed up by a link to the post. If anything is speculation by me, it will stat with a (***

I hope everyone here can use this to:
a)Clear some misunderstandings
b)Figure out where and what the egg is

I have created a detailed and , hopefully, easy to follow listing of what we know. I hope it is correct as well.

Post -The post that started it all. Matt (a Bungie employee)tells us that he knows of an egg that Myth player may be able to find. Here Louis tells about Matt's post and that he (Louis) is pretty sure he (Louis) knows the egg that Matt is talking about. Louis also states that the one Matt was referring to, and the one he (Louis) knows about, have NOTHING to do with the Library (Later, we find out that it has nothing to do with any level). (***I think we can assume from this that Matt and Louis are talking about the same egg).

Post -This is clue that Miguel and others have referred to. It stats that Miguel was wondering if there is something lurking in the profile setup. He asks:"What would my Xbox say if it thought Soulblighter created a Halo profile?" and stats that there are too many names for him to go through (***Is "names" an even more specific clue?)

Post -Miguel stats that his previous clue has nothing to with the stuff within the game itself (none of the levels, textures, NONE of that). He stats that the egg is in another part of the game Halo.
Contained within that same post is a another clue involving numbers. That same clue was re-written here (***most likely because people were speculating too much on the position of the numbers).


There was a thread started by Ross Mills. Shiska replied and then Ross Mills replied to him asking if this Myth Library egg could relate to a possible Halo Library egg.

Louis responded Ross Mill's post here, but he did not mention anything about the Library (in either Halo or Myth):Post -In this post Louis re-affirms that non-Myth players could find the egg and he also says this: "I'm not sure how well-known the Myth part of it is, which means I don't know how easy it's going to be to turn this up in Halo. I know that a few Myth freaks here - *Ar, Miguel, OlDirtae if he's still hanging around - have seen it... but I don't know if they remember it, or have put together Matt's clues with the egg itself.) (***It could be something obscure in Myth. Also, what other clues has Matt given us?)Note that Louis never mentioned anything about the Library (in Myth or Halo)

I left one line out of Louis' above post. Louis wrote:"I looked for some existing info on the net that might help point to this egg, but couldn't find any." Louis is referring to the egg that he and Matt know about...NOT the Myth Library egg! This line caused Miguel to write this post (because he thought Louis couldn't find any info on the Myth Library egg). Miguel provides 2 links about the Myth Library egg, which by now people believe is related to the Halo egg that we have yet to find...IT ISN'T!

We know it isn't related because Louis posted this and Miguel then posted this.

If you look at Louis' post you can see that:
He says he was not talking about the Myth Library egg (which Miguel thought he was) and he also states: 1)That he DID find a reference online to the egg that everyone is lookin for and he re-affirms that this site will give it away and that non-Myth players could find it. Louis re-affirms all this in yet another post.

Miguel's post states that he now realizes he misunderstood Louis's post and he tells us that he has given us a clue before but it was ignored.

All said again here.
(***Therefore, we conclude that the egg we are all looking for has nothing to do with Myth Library egg...right? If this is true, than there is really no way for us to find the site that Louis found, because we have no clue what the egg in Halo is. If your still looking for a place to check though, do NOT look at MBO (Myth.Bungie.Org), as Louis specifically states that the information is not there.

"I have shown you the door..."


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