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OXM and Halo
Posted By: Ruzhyo <>Date: 11/27/01 10:13 p.m.

Well i've been waiting for a few days for someone else to post this (im kinda lazy, and maybe someone has and i just havent noticed) but the only thing i saw about Halo in the latest OXM is from TXB and they didnt really say much.
so heres kind of whats there.

Halo guide (but you knew that already)

uhm, everyone loves halo...

(blah blah blah.... looking....)

the rumor mole talks about multiplayer Halo (this is cool, pay attention)
releasing full Halo, along with more than 30 multiplayer maps plus a host of new weapons and characters.
no descision on pricing, but they've been discussing some sort of rebate program for those who bought the origional Halo.

dont know how outdated that is, but its there so be happy

PS. anyone know how i can scrounge up a quick 150 bucks so i can get an xbox and Halo? i feel stupid. I want Halo. now. *sigh*

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