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stan in a nutshell:

Born October 11th, 1932, stan showed early signs of the genius that would later make him the business force that he is now. stans childhood was normal, though at times difficult. His father owned a small farm in southern Oklahoma and was forced to move the family west during the depression. The family settled in a small town just north of Los Angeles. There stan grew up, working at the leather shop his father now ran. At age 13 stan was involved in a curing accident that left him scarred, both physically and emotionally. Never a very social child even before the accident, stan often was involved in school yard scuffles. These scuffles made him both stronger physically and built character, character that he would utilize later in life.

In the early 1950s stan was out of work and desperate for a job. Though he had graduated Stanford in 1952, he could not find steady work. While the postwar economy was booming, stan had trouble finding a job that appealed to him. With a new wife and a child on the way things were looking bad. Then one day in 1954 stan was approached by a man named Carlos de los Barrachas Dominguez, a seller of fine textiles. stan, who had majored in fine textiles at Stanford was immediately intrigued. de los Barraches Dominguez was the sole proprietor of small textile exporting firm in Guatemala. He was looking for a stateside partner to help import his goods into the US. stan eagerly jumped at the chance and soon was head of the second largest fine Guatemalan textile importer in the nation. Soon stan was a millionaire, and was on the fast track to the life hed always dreamed of. After he arranged for the brilliant take over of his biggest competitor in 1963, stan was ready to retire.

With a fortune estimated in the hundreds of millions and a house filled with textiles, stan decided to turn his efforts towards the running of an internet clan. In 1964 the Rabid Lilliputians were formed. Now in his early seventies, stan devotes all his time to his grandchildren and multiplayer gaming.

The Rabid Lilliputians

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