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Re: Shield and Sword - Part One *IMGs*
Posted By: VAVA Mk2 <>Date: 2/11/12 6:41 p.m.

In Response To: Shield and Sword - Part One *IMGs* (Leviathan)


: Part One: Warming Up

: An Introduction

: Halo: Shield and Sword is a title that I’ve given to my Halo 4 “What If?”
: project. For every coming Halo game, I’ve always imagined what the game
: could be like: the story, the characters, the environments, the set pieces
: – heck, even the musical themes.

: I thought I'd put a little more effort into it this time around, because,
: well... it's fun, and I've gotten the feeling you guys would like to see
: my doodles. :)

: This is nowhere near the ambition of A Fistful of Arrows, nor is it even a
: comic book, this is a sort of... design document-brainstorm. This first
: entry will be a little different, but usually Shield and Sword posts will
: contain a lot of ramblings about where the story could go as I provide
: character designs, concept art, storyboards, and maps to illustrate my
: narrative.

: Before I get into the campaign proper though, I'm warming up with the menus,
: and that's what this first entry is all about.

: Halo 4’s Core Components

: To know what menus to illustrate, I needed to know which menus would be
: needed for Halo 4. I listed everything out, and not-surprisingly, not much
: has changed. But I like to keep my thoughts organized in game design, even
: if it's something everybody already knows. So I created a flow-chart!


: (Click image to enlarge)

: -I selected a variety of colors to distinguish the menus on this diagram,
: which correspond to the colors I used in the menu mock-ups. I think after
: 6 games, most folks might be sick of blue in their menu, so I thought it
: would be fun to mix things up a bit.

: -This diagram would be far more filled-to-the-brim with content, but Shield
: and Sword focuses on the campaign portion of Halo 4, so that's what I
: emphasized.

: Alright, now that that's taken care of, let's get to it...

: The Menus

: All of the menus take place on or deal with the ship, Forward Unto Dawn .
: They show us where we’ve been, and also hints at the coming reveille for
: the player and Master Chief…

: These would all be 3D environments that can be glimpsed from the campaign. In
: the menus themselves, you’ll only see them from a fixed viewpoint. But
: there will be machines moving, lights flickering, ambient sounds, and
: other subtle things to keep your attention while you navigate through the
: interface.

: Main Menu

: The mysterious ‘Legendary’ Planet spins on a horizontal (from this viewpoint)
: axis in a distortion of space. Lights twinkle on the surface, dotted lines
: connect to other pathways of light, and all the while the planet is
: swiftly tilting. Is it strange that it’s moving so fast? ... It’s almost
: unnerving.

: The Gregorian chants are missing. The beginning track is a pattern of low
: notes and one ominous voice singing a hymn so slow and subtle, you can
: hardly grasp it.


: (Click image for 1920x1080 .jpg with no titles)

: After a few moments, the title and menu selection (which you scroll through)
: would fade in.

: *Special thanks to Stephen Loftus for the Legendary Planet’s surface texture.

: -------

: Campaign Menu

: We glimpse the Master Chief in his cryo tube, where we last left him in Halo
: 3. It’s hard to see him, but you can just make him out through the ice.
: Steam is hissing around the contour of the tube’s hatch, as it prepares to
: awaken John.


: (Click image for 1920x1080 .jpg version)

: And after some time, Cortana makes an appearance. You can’t see much, but
: she’s frowning… Perhaps some red ‘rampant’ lines make their way across her
: code.

: -------

: Matchmaking Menu

: The Matchmaking Menu is a little different from the rest of the menus, simply
: because almost everyone, even the more campaign-interested, will be
: staring at this screen a lot while they wait to be match-made.

: I’ve always personally gotten pretty bored with the MM menu in the past, so
: it’s time to put some extra work into this one so it’s still interesting a
: year down the road!


: (Click image for 1920x1080 version)

: So. You get a glimpse at Cortana’s thoughts. In the example above, we see her
: designs for modifying and upgrading Master Chief’s armor. Little comments
: appear near the relevant areas explaining some of the augmentations. It’s
: a 3D model too, so you can rotate it left or right after you begin
: searching for a game.

: As you progress through the campaign, more models are unlocked, like the
: Forward Unto Dawn, Sentinels, Cortana herself, and other characters,
: ships, vehicles, and weapons you may encounter. Each model comes with its
: own set of comments revealing interesting facts about it. Basically,
: Stephen Loftus would love this.

: -------

: Versus Menu

: A bit more straightforward like the Campaign Menu, we see Master Chief’s Mark
: VI armor as Cortana runs a diagnostic on it. Machine arms from FUD’s
: vehicle depot have been requisitioned to make adjustments on the MJLONIR
: armor (ideas that Cortana has come up with during the slow drift).


: (Click image for 1920x1080 .jpg)

: -------

: Firefight Menu

: Here we would see more machine arms gathering and stockpiling various weapons
: that were aboard the Chief’s half of the ship. Perhaps they remove the
: magazines and check the rifles, or possibly even modify the guns with more
: of ‘Cortana’s improvements’.

: Oh, and I thought it would be nifty if you press right on a player in your
: party’s name, then the player list would slide left and reveal their
: Spartan model and some basic stats, sort of like in Reach.


: (Click image for 1920x1080 .jpg)

: *Background image uses a screenshot of Halo 3: Arm’s Race live-action
: short.

: ------

: Forge Menu

: What’s an AI going to do with 10 years of boredom? Scrap every unnecessary
: piece of metal and equipment from the ship and use such resources,
: combined with her own ingenuity, to upgrade all of Master Chief’s toys,
: and prepare him for his coming journey...


: (Click image for 1920x1080 .jpg)

: Here we see a Warthog in the vehicle depot being worked on. Sparks fly and
: bounce off the ground; the machines twirl and spin to complete their
: tasks; the sounds of a racetrack pit-stop echo across the garage.

: -------

: Theater Menu

: This is sort-of a variation on the Matchmaking Menu. We get a close-up shot
: of one of the AI holographic projectors, which cycles through the 3D
: models you’ve unlocked. The difference between this menu and the MM menu
: is that these are fully rendered and will perform one of their animations
: (if a character model), but do not show any of Cortana's comments, and
: cannot be rotated.


: (Click image for 1920x1080 .jpg)

: The default model is Cortana though, with her hands behind her back, and her
: face looking downwards. Something is coming, and she might just have an
: idea what...

: And those are the menus! Of course the settings menu has its own pop-up
: interface, but being very similar to Reach’s, doesn’t require any special
: art or 3D environments.

: Next Time…

: We dive into the heart of what Shield and Sword’s all about, the walkthrough
: of the campaign levels! The Howling Dark, Shield World, Hub Station 42,
: Signal to Noise, The Monitor, The Reconciled, UNSC ... Well, I'll probably
: only get through those first two or three in the next post. :)

: Hope you enjoyed!
: ~Leviathan

How do you not have a job yet with 343i?

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