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Re: A Halo: Reach Pan-cam guide
Posted By: Stephen L. (SoundEffect) <>Date: 9/30/10 2:37 p.m.

In Response To: A Halo: Reach Pan-cam guide (BlueNinja)

: Once upon a time, pete_the_duck wrote an excellent guide to Halo 3's pan-cam
: : a wondrous tool that allows players to see things far outside the
: playable area of the game maps. Now, Halo: Reach is out, and with it came
: a multitude of new maps to explore, both inside the confines Bungie put up
: for us and outside of them.

: Halo: Reach, however, is an entirely new game, and the pancam, too, has
: changed. Ever since I posted the video which gave us a closer look at the
: Master Chief 'statue' left behind in Lone Wolf , I've been getting friend
: requests and messages of people who want to know how I did it. This
: thread is for them.

: So, ladies, gentlemen and everything in between, I give you: BlueNinja's
: amazing pan-cam guide!

: As you all know, Halo: Reach includes a Theater suite. We've all used this
: suite to take screenshots, record clips, or just watch our actions from a
: different angle. There is, however, a lot more to the Theater than
: initially meets the eye.

: Bungie put a lot of effort into creating highly detailed worlds for us to
: explore, but then cuts us off from all the interesting parts by erecting
: multiple kill barriers and invisible walls. Deep down, however, we're all
: explorers: we all want to see what lies over the next hill, even if it is
: a gaping unrendered hole leading to Oblivion itself. With the miraculous
: tool called pancam, we can.

: But how does one use this pancam, I hear you asking? Well, good sirs, ladies
: and androgynous cyborgs, I have the answers you crave! By following a few
: simple steps, you too can break barriers, explore, and basically see a lot
: of stuff Bungie never intended players to see. You can then, too, share
: this stuff with the world!

: Just don't start a panorama blog, as that idea's been taken. Just kidding,
: of course. Or am I...

: How to use Pan-cam

: The pan-cam in Reach behaves similarly to the one found in Halo 3, but there
: are some key differences. I'll point these differences out as we go along.
: But enough talk, let's get started, shall we?

: Step 1: Start a local Custom or Campaign game. To change your network to
: local, press the 'Y'-button in the lobby, and select 'My Xbox 360
: Console'.

: Step 2: Once you assume direct control of your character (see what I did
: there?), press and hold down your Reload and Switch Grenades -button,
: your Right Stick and UP on the D-Pad for a few seconds.

: Step 3: If all goes well, a line of white text should appear near the top
: left-hand corner of your screen. This text should include the word
: "NORMAL". If it doesn't, repeat the second step.

: Step 4: Now, you get to test your dexterity. Press and hold the and
: Armor Ability button, the Left and Right Stick , and LEFT on the
: D-Pad.

: Step 5: If all goes well, the word "NORMAL" will now change to
: "PANCAM". If it doesn't, repeat step 4.

: Step 6: Kill yourself. Not literally, of course, in-game. A preferred
: method of death would be one where your body is removed from the playable
: space, by jumping from a cliff or dying as the Monitor in Forge. You can
: repeat this a couple of times, if you wish. Save and quit when you're
: finished.

: NOTE: To make things easier, you might want to reach a Checkpoint with the
: pancam active, then save and quit the game. Reload from that Checkpoint,
: and the pancam should still be active. You can then proceed to senselessly
: kill yourself. This is not required, but makes the next steps a bit
: easier.

: Step 7: Go to the Theater Lobby, and load up the saved film of the
: shenanighans you just committed in the name of Science.

: Step 8: Let the film play until the moment where you activate the pan-cam:
: you won't be able to fast-forward.

: NOTE: If you followed my previous note, the pan-cam will already be active
: when you load up your most recent Saved film. I told you it'd be easier!

: Step 9: Detach the camera from your character. You do this by pressing Y.
: Do this béfore you kill yourself in the Saved Film.

: Step 10: Notice that '1.000' in front of the word 'Pan-cam'? That's the
: current speed of your flying camera. You can raise this by holding down
: the UP-button on the D-pad, and lower it again by holding down the
: DOWN-button on the D-pad. Increase your camera speed to 100.000.

: NOTE : Now is the perfect time to get used to the pan-cam controls. The
: triggers control altitude now instead of the bumpers, and there is no way
: to fast-forward anymore.

: Step 11: Let the film play until your character dies. Pause the film.

: Step 12: Now it's time to go crazy with buttons. Just fly your camera
: around, and mess with the triggers as you do. Eventually, you'll break out
: of the invisible barriers Bungie has put up, and you'll be able to explore
: the map. If you wish, you can lower the speed of your camera again, now.

: NOTE: While the speed in Halo: Reach's pancam can't be bumped up to such
: high amounts as in Halo 3, it usually is a lot easier to break through the
: barriers. In several cases, such as on 'Tip of the Spear' and 'Forge
: World', I encountered no resistance whatsoever. You cannot, however, reach
: the edges of the map the way you could in Halo 3. The lower speed of the
: camera usually prevents this.

: Step 13: All that remains now is to explore. There are some truly
: spectacular things out there. Have fun!


: Have any remarks? Post them! Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Thanks for this. Also, thanks for making it your 'amazing' guide. If you've made it 'BluNinja's mediocre pan-cam guide', I'd have been less impressed. :P

I didn't read it all (while at work, but I'll make use of this at home) but did you mention hitting reload, and other potentially specific buttons that are control-scheme dependent? Did you base it off Recon or Default or some other?

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