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Easy Does It--Finally Over.
Posted By: Morpheus <>Date: 9/2/10 12:36 a.m.

A contest which started aaaaaaaaaaaaalllll the way back in January slowly but surely caught fire over time. This 9 month contest has finally come to a complete and thrilling end, and we have a winner!
Everyone give their congratulations to Lekku, of HBO! His hard work and perseverance has won him a miraculous score of 1,855,623 points and a Legendary Edition of Halo Reach! Itís amazing that someone can score almost 2 million points on EASY difficulty alone. I got a chance to talk with Lekku about the experience, and hereís what he had to say:

M14:Well then! Let me once again congratulate you on your Easy Does It win! You excited?

L04:Thank you! Very excited, it was hard to go to sleep last night after everything that happened.

M14:I can only imagine. With all of those scores and re-submissions, were you starting to get pretty sick and tired of the Campaign, having to repeat levels over and over to get just a little bit higher?

L04:There certainly were a few levels that I won't want to play again for a while. Being able to switch between Halo 3 and ODST though was enough of a change that it wasn't too bad.

M14:Sounds like it was tolerable. Now, in reality, was there anything easy about Easy Does It?

L04:Yeah not really. Some of the levels are hard to complete with all the skulls on in a timely fashion. It really took a lot of work and time to get the scores that I did. Sometimes your allies are your worst enemies as well, especially with 'Catch' on. You go to recharge your shields by hitting someone and the AI is launching a lot of grenades their way.

Man, I've been there!

L04:Yeah I think anyone who has played a fair amount of Campaign can attest to that 'feature'.

M14:Allright, I guess we can move on. So what--so far--about Reach has you pumped? No spoilers!

L04:I think the thing that I am looking forward to the most with Reach is all the variety. Between the campaign, firefight, multiplayer, and especially the changes with Forge. I liked to Forge maps but I found it way too time consuming to make maps that had all the merging and stuff to make them smooth. I think the new features in Forge 2.0 will be great.

I agree! I've never Forged seriously and even I want to try something new!

M14:Allright, next question:How did you find out about this contest?

L04:Two ways, really I guess. I had read about it on the HBO forums. I had seen your inital post and thought it was a neat idea but never really got back to it. Then closer to the end, about 3 or 4 weeks out you put an update about the contest and I really committed to it. I say two ways cause one of the other guys who was competing, ZaneZavin, was doing the contest as well and I kept seeing him play Halo 3 and ODST on Easy and I wasn't sure why. Then when I saw your post it all clicked.

Right, right. Small world!

L04:Yeah, it was kinda like if he can do it, maybe I should give it a go as well.

M14:Good thing you did, right?! So anyway, next question--The Legendary Edition. One of the biggest pieces of Halo memorabilia EVER--with more exclusive armor sets than you can shake a Gravity Hammer at! Have you decided on wearing one of the pre-order sets first, or just waiting to check the Day One permutations on the disk first?

L04:Yeah I haven't really decided on a look yet. I'll probably try out the different sets and see what 'feels' right. I've looked over the initial permutations that are available, in the weekly update, and I liked the look of the helmet that is like the CQC in Halo 3 so I may go with that. Of course I will have to try out the flaming helmet as well!

M14: Heh--I don't blame you, people have been dying to get their hands on those flames for a good 3 years!

L04:Indeed, I always thought it was a neat effect, if not something that you would always wear in matchmaking. Kinda makes you stand out... although it certainly won't be as rare as it was in Halo 3.

M14:Definitely--I guarantee you most matchmaking games will be full of flaming helmets. Well, I think this will just about do it for this interview! Have any final thoughts you want to share? Shout-Outs? Victory Dances? ;)

L04:Just a big thanks to you for running the competition, and a shout-out to the other competitors for such a tight race to the end!

M14: Allright then, well thanks for doing this interview, giving all of our competitors a run for their money, and I hope you enjoy your copy of Reach!!

L04:Thanks, I'm sure it will get lots of play and stay in the tray of my Xbox for quite a while to come!

People like Lekku are living proof that you don't need 4 people on Legendary to get those 15,000 point Achievements on Halo 3, am I right, fellas?

Big thanks to Lekku for the interview, thanks to all of our competitors for making Easy Does It a real challenge, and thanks to all of you for reading! See you on the 14th!!!

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