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CrazyBOLL, Summarized
Posted By: Louis Wu <>Date: 4/29/10 12:50 p.m.

Wow. So that game we posted last night was a hit.

First off: Credits. BOLL is a MASTER of fun, if you ask me; he started this game a long, long time ago, but abandoned it because it ran too slowly on his computer. Things have gotten faster, though, so it's now a feasible timewaster.

Miguel made this all happen. At a time when my life was a bit too busy to really put in the effort needed to pay something like the Reach Beta the respect it deserved, Mig stepped in and organized ALL of this. He bugged BOLL for a new game, he bugged mnemesis for a word search, he made sure it all happened in time for the beta. He also posted what has to be the ugliest single post this forum has ever seen.

And you guys. You guys get credit for playing, for being enthusiastic, for just being here. Without you, HBO would be a hollow shell of a website - so thanks.

So. This puppy ran for 12 hours. Here are some stats.

597 total players (508 unique IP addresses)
Total time played: 269 hours, 56 minutes, 13 seconds
Total number of attempts: 36,011

I can't tell you who won - because we weren't smart enough to require identifying information from your entries... just an email address. The winners have already been notified.

I CAN tell you what we awarded prizes for.

A bunch of people figured out a way to cheat the system. We aren't exactly sure how they did that... but we did say "think outside the box", and you did, so we were going to honor that. This time. (Turns out that after the voting was finished, that particular metric didn't receive enough votes to get a code. But if it had, we'd have honored it.)

To be clear: we will never again honor a cheating entry into one of our contests.

The actual playing field was 2.18 km long. At the end was a Keyes blob; there's no (legitimate) way past it. So a 'winning' score would be at '0.0km'. Only one person succeeded in getting there without cheating.

The top run, in terms of distance traveled, went 6.11 km in just over 10 minutes, performing only 37 actions (almost certainly all of those happened after the 'endpoint'; all the other cheating runs had zero actions performed). This performance did not, unfortunately, win a code.

We DID give codes to the top three (legitimate) distance runners: the on-screen location would have read 0.0km, 0.3km, and 0.6km. (I think. The game recorded frames traveled, so I'm just doing the math, but I can't be sure my rounding is the same as what you saw.)

The second place distance was captured by a player who also snagged the following metrics:
Highest number of moves in a single run - 188
Total Distance Traveled (all runs) - 353.01 km
Total Time Spent Playing - 9 hours, 54 minutes, 57 seconds
(He only got one code, though. No doubling up!)

We gave a code to the player with the most runs (1336... oh, why couldn't you have done one more?).

We gave a code to the guy who came in 3rd in most runs, second in total distance, and second in total time. (Showed some serious perseverence :) )

We gave a code to the person who performed the fewest number of moves/frame (in other words, the most elegant player). Cheating runs (with zero moves/run) were excluded.

We gave a code to the guy with the longest (non-cheating) run - 4 minutes, 20 seconds. The same player also came in second in the 'elegance' metric.

We gave a code to the player with the HIGHEST number of moves/frame. (This would be the most spastic player.) Jumping around like that actually makes the game harder... so good on ya.

And finally, we gave a code to the player who had the most unfinished runs (24). The game counts a run as 'finished' if you get to the end, or you die. (Or both.) So to not finish a run, you have to close the window (or refresh it) before you die. Someone did that 24 times. Why? You got me, but it amused us.

There were plenty of other worthy performances - but unfortunately, our codes were limited - so this is what there is. If any of the descriptions above sound familiar, check your email. For everyone else - Monday is just a few days away!

Again, thanks for playing!

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