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Your Guide To the Last Days of Halo 2
Posted By: FyreWulff <>Date: 4/12/10 4:54 a.m.


Guide To The Last Days of Halo 2

(and beyond)

As everyone knows, Halo 2 is coming to an end. Sadface. But here is a guide to make sure you are not caught with your pants down before the ship sinks.

First, make sure you have all the DLC. Sign into Live (gold account required):

Select your profile when prompted. If you want to bring guests online with you, this is the screen to use.

Now select the "Downloadable content" option on the main menu. This will prompt you to exit Halo 2. Press A to confirm.

You will now be prompted to reconnect your controller (just press A). Select your gamertag, and then proceed to download the content:

PAL users: Unfortunately, the DLC program is not emulated correctly for VGA mode - you will end up with a blank screen. You have two options:

1) Use your normal SDTV cables to download the content.

2) Use component cables to download the content.


Halo 2 had many popular gametypes. Most of which had tweaks applied to them by each community; what I list here may not exactly match up with what you are familiar with, but it should be close enough.

Mostly played on the map Foundation. Ivory Tower and Zanzibar are also good maps for the gametype.

Base Gametype: Team Slayer
Starting Weapon: Sword
Secondary Weapon: Shotgun
Special Instructions: In the pregame lobby, everyone switches to Red team. One person then switches to green team, and the game is started. Each time anyone from the green team kills a person from the red team, the red team victim must switch to green (Start button -> Change Teams). The game ends once everyone is converted to a zombie.

Tower of Power
Played on the map Ascension. Each team tries to control the big tower and it's turret. Remember to turn on the Primary turret in the gametype settings (it's under Vehicles)

Base Gametype: Team Slayer
Score to Win: 200
Shields: None
Starting Weapon: Shotgun

Bucket List

Herein follows my suggested list of gametypes to try with at least a "full" party of 4v4:

One Flag on Relic, Headlong, Zanzibar, Ascension, Turf, Tombstone and Terminal

One Bomb on Headlong, Zanzibar, Terminal, Coagulation, Beaver Creek, Ivory Tower

King of the Hill on Gemini, Backwash, Warlock, Sanctuary, Ascension, Midship, Desolation, Beaver Creek, Terminal

2 Flag on Coagulation, Warlock, Sanctuary, Desolation, Elongation, Colossus, Waterworks (6v6+), Beaver Creek

Oddball on Midship, Desolation, Turf, Beaver Creek

Territories on Containment, Sanctuary, Turf, Tombstone (see below), Relic, Terminal

Neutral Flag on Warlock, Foundation, Backwash

Special Notes

The map Backwash has particular issues on the 360. If anyone picks up the active camo and then is decloaked by being fired upon or shooting, the game will drop to around 3 frames per second due to the emulator. Contrary to what you may have heard, it is possible to play Backwash with no problems on the 360. You just need to make special variants for it that remove the Active Camo (found under Equipment options). With the Camo removed, you should see no problems with framerate.

* * *

The maps Warlock, Foundation, and Waterworks all support 4 teams for CTF (1 or Multi) and Bomb (1, Multi, Neutral). Be sure to try out a 4 team Bomb game on Warlock, or a 4 Team Neutral Flag on Foundation! Waterworks may not work as well, but the 4 team support also lets you play 2-flag "sideways" on the map by setting one team to Yellow and the other to Green.

* * *

Halo 2 is push to talk, all the time, 24/7. If you talk without pressing LB or up on the dpad, only nearby players will hear you (and they will hear you through the speakers). You can also not be heard when you are dead.

* * *

Be sure to check out the map Terminal. Try playing a game of KotH with a non-moving hill - the hill will be placed on the train tracks. The winning team will have to dodge enemies and bullet trains!

* * *

The map Tombstone is the only map that supports all 8 territories that the Halo 2 engine has settings for in gametypes. Try playing with 8 territories on Tombstone with 4+ teams, and a really high score limit (30 mins). Watch how fast that score timer goes up when you have all 8 captured!

* * *

Backwash's fog blooms and enhances plasma weapon trails. Try a game with Plasma Rifle and Sentinel Beam starts for an awesome light show.

Life after Death

While many people will be disappointed when Halo 2 signs off for good on April 15th, there are two options to continue playing the game.

XBC, or Xbox Connect, is a program that emulates a LAN over the internet to allow you to play system link games over said internet. With Halo 2, this is pretty much like playing over Live, except you have no friends list, clan list, or the ability to easily boot people out of the lobby. Requires a router and broadband internet. Note: You will also run into a bunch of modders, so I suggest only playing with friends. XBC is a good reason to keep your Halo 2 disc around.

* * *

Halo 2 Vista is the PC port done by Hired Gun for the Windows platform. It works in Windows 7, too. Halo 2 Vista has achievements, dedicated servers (plus the usual peer hosted private lobbies), all the features of 360 live (minus voice party chat as of this writing), and supports custom maps. It should be noted that superbouncing no longer works in Halo 2 Vista. Unfortunately, Hired Gun didn't fix animation glitches. The game also does not require the DVD to be in the drive after the initial install, and even supports playing the game while the install is being performed.

Halo 2 Vista has two exclusive maps available as well: District and Uplift.

Have fun!

fyrewulff dot com

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