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Re: My Poor, Aching Fingers
Posted By: a flyin hobo <>Date: 9/15/09 5:42 p.m.

In Response To: My Poor, Aching Fingers (FyreWulff)

: Still sad that I got power outage'd :( Oh well.

: Five and a half hours into Tsavo, and I get killed by that stupid wraith on
: top of the hill near the end.

: Five

: and

: a

: half

: hours

OUCH! That sucks.

On my first runs of Tsavo for the contest I got killed by a chopper that I stuck, killed by the same wraith as you, once my marines took the 'hog and I couldn't jump a gap, and with other random deaths, on the other levels I've been killed by Hocus on Sierra 117 at the end, I've been stuck by elites come to the rescue on floodgate and the covenant, and once the game glitched out and the Arbiter walked into me sending me flying into the air so high, I died from falling too far.

I have to say, I almost thought I would get away with a total time of three hours because no one else was going to enter.

Thanks for giving me competition and really making me work for it. :)

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