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Re: For future reference...
Posted By: Stephen L. (SoundEffect) <>Date: 8/3/09 10:06 p.m.

In Response To: For future reference... (Jordan117)

: If you ever want to take a crack at the stylized "city seal" signs,
: I hope it saves you some research/drawing time to point out that the
: pawing lion image is taken from the two big cats on Kenya's official coat
: of arms , which are in turn based on the heraldic "Red Lion
: Badge" symbol from the flag of Kenya's British-controlled
: colonial predecessor, the East Africa Protectorate . Which of course
: circles back (or forward?) to the whole "New Mombasa, East African
: Protectorate" thing established at the start of the Halo 2 E3 demo.

That was a good brief history lesson there, thanks!

I had saved a version of your first link before, but now have saved a couple of the others you provided. I just may take that on. The lion emblem would be pretty difficult (or at least time-consuming). There are still a few Halo symbols I haven't done, but I have many already done or at least started.

Thanks again for this information!

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