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I Still Call It Recon Challenge *long!*
Posted By: Morpheus <>Date: 5/1/09 12:04 p.m.

For those of you who already know, I'm putting my first contest on hold so I can send out something giftable.

I Still Call It Recon Challenge

Waiting for Halo 3 ODST has been a slow torture, as was waiting for almost everything Halo. But things are going to be different. This time, I want to spread the torture around! I'm guessing you already feel how I feel, but this year, that's just not enough. I'm here to make a contest so unbearable, so boring, so painful, that no one would want to sign up! But I'm also here to give away a prize so desirable, so exciting, so pleasurable, everyone would want to sign up! See the conundrum? Simply put:

Worst Contest EVER, Best Prize EVER.

Personally, I still call this new game Halo 3:Recon, hence the title name. I couldn't think of anything better. But the winner of this terrible contest I made will get a free copy of--you guessed it--Halo 3:ODST.

"But Morph, that's not the best prize ever!"

Oh really? Well then, I'm out of ideas. Go play something else, you ungrateful slug!

(God, I'm really going off track here. Oh well, more to read, I guess.)

I wanted to create a Campaign-only contest to get players out of those MLG, Team Snipers, Team Mythic, and Multi-Team Playlists for a while and get back to the basics. At first, I thought of a fastest Campaign time. But then I thought of High Speed Halo and realized that would be so unfair to the regular kids like me who don't know any shortcuts. (This is where the torture sharing comes in!)

So here's how it goes. You all will compete for the SLOWEST Campaign speed run. Or should I say, snail-run? I can already hear the eyes roll, the audible groans, the mocking, dissmissive laughter!

"This contest will never work!"

No, I believe it will.

The Lowdown:

Between RIGHT NOW(May 1st) and the release month of ODST Recon, I will be accepting submissions for the longest solo snail-run of each individual Campaign mission. All the times will be added up and the longest time (of all 9 levels) will recieve a copy of the new Campaign Experience, so glorified in that first trailer so long ago.

But like all contests, there are some rules. And I wrote plenty!


Before you start each mission:

1. This MUST be Single Player--No co-op buddies to distract me while I'm watching you crawl.
2. The difficulty MUST be Easy or Normal(more on that later down)
3. For Skulls, Iron MUST be on. I'm not questioning your ability, but I don't want your deaths to add more time.
4. In addition to having Iron on, you must also put on other Skulls on to make it more challenging and hopefully turn the suck down a little. The difficulty part I was talking about earlier, listen up kids!

If you're playing on the Easy difficulty, you must have TWO Gold(Iron, Black Eye, Tough Luck, Catch, Fog, Famine, Thunderstorm, Tilt or Mythic) and TWO Silver(Blind, Grunt Birthday Party, Cowbell, or IWHBYD) skulls activated.

If you're on Normal, then just one skull of each color will do.

The skull choices are entirely up to you. As long as you're in the parameter of the rules, you can have whatever you like.

5. OPTIONAL--You don't have to do this if you don't want to, but it would help me out a little--:Turn Campaign Scoring "On."
6. You MUST complete ALL MISSIONS for your submission to even be qualified. If you're concerned about forgetting a mission, make a checklist. E-mail me and ask which ones I haven't gotten yet. Don't just sit on your hands and wait for me to e-mail you, because you'll miss my address, that's for sure.

In-Game Rules:

7. THIS is the most important rule!! It's the entire backbone of this contest. You can move as fast or as slow as you want, but you CANNOT stand still for more than 3 seconds per level. I know, the Cortana freakouts, the Gravemind freakouts, the loading zones, the exigent circumstances, and stuff. But if there's not a good reason for you stopping, I have to disqualify you! Yes, I understand you have to pause at some points. That's obviously reasonable. This is also why co-op is not allowed. If you want to pause, I suggest you jump and pause in mid-air to avoid standing still. Got it?
8. You CANNOT run around in circles or go go back for anything other than a weapon or something that would make sense. No rubber bands allowed!! And to make sure that doesn't happen, you must kill(or at least shoot at) an enemy every 2 minutes. Now, I'm not going to break out the stopwatch and literally count the seconds, and reset each time you pop a cap, but I will be watching the film, so any proof of a sign of life is fine by me.
9. Also, in the last race in Halo, just haul ass. There's no point in drifting slow, you'll just end up dead and have to start all over. When you get to that race, you might as well just call it a night.

That's all I can think of during gameplay, let's talk about afterwards.


10. After your finish a mission, save it to your Hard Drive and/or upload it to your FileShare. Just in case.
11. Send the link to the Campaign game or a link to the film itself to That's my profile's e-mail.
12. ALL snail-runs must be completed by the SAME gamertag. I'm not getting one film from Gamertag 1 and another from xXxXX GaMeRtAg 1's 3 MoNtH xXXxXX. Not gonna happen.
13. You can send the links in any order, in any number. You can send them all at once, or one at a time, or a few in short bursts.
14. You have NO idea how much junk mail I get from random addresses, so to prevent that, all submissions MUST have the Subject Line:I Still Call It Recon, so I know who you are.
15.OPTIONAL--If you have them in your FileShare, please tag them "iscir" so they'd be easier for me(and anyone else interested) to find.
16. After the contest is done, sit back and enjoy more waiting!

This contest will end on the first day of the month of the release of Halo 3 ODST Recon. Confused? If it comes out in September, the contest will end Sept. 1st, Midnight Central Time.
BUT, if I get a whole hell of a lot of entries, I'll close down in either July or August, to give myself more time to go through your torture,and (once again) make it my own. Don't worry, I will give you plenty of time in advance in case that happens.

The winner, and the possesion of the slowest speedrun EVER will be announced 1 week before the release.

And, as already discussed, the winner will recieve a brand new copy of Halo 3 ODST:Recon at their front door, courtesy of 1-Day Shipping at

All of you out there, get those thumbsticks ready for the ride of your lives!!

Oh, and one more thing.



Any questions, reply here or e-mail me.

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