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Notes from the frame-by-frame
Posted By: Jordan117Date: 9/25/08 10:03 a.m.

Just watched the hi-res version frame-by-frame, pretty sure I caught everything meaningful.

* Corporate logos seen in the first shot: Traxus and AMG. Traxus we all know from Halo 3. AMG is the maker of the Warthog, and is likely loosely based on the real-life AM General, which manufactures the Jeep and the Hummer.

* The city is definitely New Mombasa (multiple signs prove this). The architecture, however, is unfamiliar, and the space elevator looks very different.

* The large words that appear periodically at the bottom-left corner of the screen are the names of neighborhoods in the city. The ones shown are: Tanaga, Lumumba, Mbaraki, Sidiriya.

Tanaga and Lumumba are, as far as I can tell, fictional neighborhoods. Mbaraki is real, however; it is the name of two different streets on either coast of the southern of Mombasa Island, one of which runs directly through the Old Town historic district that Old Mombasa is modeled on. (Here is a map for reference). That one was used as a base for some Old Mombasa concept art in the Art of Halo; here is the original photo.

Sidiriya is also a real neighborhood, but it is, oddly enough, the one that has been replaced by the large industrial canal in Bungie's map.

* ODST drop pods can be clearly seen falling past the elevator. However, there is a different group which falls in the opposite direction, which the automated city camera seems to take an interest in. Also, one lone pod falls near the end, smashing one of the cameras. Could this be the player's character?

* Phrases of interest:


One of the messages on the Superintendent's red banner.


Vergil, or Virgil, is the name of a famous Roman philosopher. Perhaps here it is a subcomponent of the Superintendent AI?


An EMP is an electromagnetic wave that damages all electronic components. It usually accompanies an atomic bomb, but can also be deployed on its own to wreak havoc on enemy tech. This is most likely the nature of the blast that hits the city. (The blast cannot be the one caused by Regret's fleeing ship, as it does not originate near the space elevator).

POP: 0

This lends credence to the idea that New Mombasa had a high-tech evacuation system in place to empty the city in case of Covenant attack, explaining the ghost-town nature of the levels seen in Halo 2.


Most likely meaningless, as other similar tags appear, but one must still consider: is this a hint the game could come out November 17th? Or perhaps in 1117 days? The latter produces a date of Monday, October 17, 2011 -- three years after Halo 3.

Also, the final frame of the teaser has a garbled image of some kind of glowing blue symbol. Could it be the Ombudsman?

And let me close by saying thank you, Bungie, for this delicious slice of mystery, and for getting back to some of your earlier Halo roots. The first piece of media I saw from Halo 2 was the shot of that metal hive called Earth City, with the Master Chief flying in to deliver ten minutes or so of uninterrupted kickass. After all these years, I, for one, look forward to another chance to explore and defend New Mombasa, East African Protectorate.

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