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Re: Military 101 - Master
Posted By: Eric Trautmann <>Date: 11/1/01 2:24 p.m.

In Response To: Military 101 - Master (Ph.D.)

: Help me out here please. Would someone explain the ranks within in the
: various armed forces (army, navy, airforce, and marines). A comment on
: their respective responsibilities (e.g., often has a platoon under his/her
: care) would be greatly appreciated. BTW, a platoon has two groups of 8
: soldiers right?

Several answers to this question seem to have been forwarded, but I'd chime in with the following:

offers a number of links to pages that describe military ranks and structure from around the world. Wanna know how the Algerian Army is structured? You can find a link to it from here. A number of the links may or may not be dead--the site hasn't been updated in a while.

I modelled the UNSC military loosely on US and British military structures, and placed the Master Chief (as his rank would logically indicate) in the UNSC Navy, part of the Naval Special Warfare program (NavSpecWar).

For other militaristic jargon, you may find these links useful as well:

The Radio Alphabet:

William Frisbee's "Tips on writing military SF" page:

(His writing is generally pretty stilted and has only a passing familiarity with the rules of the English language, but he is a veteran and has a veteran's unique insight into warfare and notions of future war.)

Hope this helps,

Eric T.

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