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Re: Great Journey at Earth?
Posted By: Narcogen <>Date: 3/6/06 2:22 a.m.

In Response To: Great Journey at Earth? (Bodie)

: While rushing through High Charity on the level Gravemind, Truth is still
: talking over the loudspeakers. Here is one thing he says: "I have
: listened to the Oracle, and it has confirmed now; The Great Journey begins
: at Earth."

: What? If Truth really does belive in the Great Journey, he would know it
: begins at Halo, thats why he sent Tartarus there. And why would 343 say it
: begins at Earth? He of all things would know it starts at Halo.

You're confusing the act of starting the Great Journey with what the widespread Covenant belief of its results are. They obviously believe that it will save them, transport them, or before some other act upon them. That they envision it as some kind of transport to some other place-- or perhaps to heaven-- is indicated by the phrase "Great Journey".

It seems plausible that while the Prophets may understand the necessity of the Halo installations and the Index for beginning the process, they may also believe that there is a second step involved.

Given that 343GS at the end of the GJ cutscene is discussing the location of the Ark, that Truth's ship is on the way to Earth, that Truth says the GJ begins at Earth, and that the cutscene showing Truth's ship arriving at Earth is displayed precisely in the space where 343GS' answer to the Arbiter's question about where the Ark is, if that scene has continued, suggests the following conclusion:

1. The Ark is located in, on, or near Earth.
2. The Ark's role in emergency activation, or perhaps some other role of which we are yet unaware, has been interpreted by Truth (either in actuality or for the consumption of the other Covenant believers) as being the "start of the Great Journey".

: I have two possibilities: 1) Truth lied, and 343 did not say that. We know
: Truth can lie to the Covenant, becasue he tells them Mercy is alive, on
: the level High Charity. (Noble Mercy is here, at my side, his wise counsel
: ever in my ears.)
: OR
: 2) I'm interpereting Truth's sentance wrong.

You're interpreting the phrase "start of the Great Journey" wrongly, in such a way that refutes what Truth is saying. Truth is certainly a liar, but he's not lying about this. He is going to Earth. He believes he needs to. The reason might be different than stated, because his understanding of the "great journey" may not be as twisted as everyone else's. (My pet theory.)

I'd suggest the following. Truth indeed asked 343GS a question, to which the answer was "Earth." In reaction to this response, he went to Earth and told the Covenant the "great journey" begins there. That he lied about Mercy being alive is probably just an attempt to maintain some stability in the face of growing internecine conflicts between Covenant species.

There Is No Rampancy In Halo

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