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Re: Introduction to Destruction *VID*
Posted By: Dan Chosich <>Date: 1/30/05 1:11 a.m.

In Response To: Introduction to Destruction *VID* (Mintz08)

: I made a video set to a track on the Sum 41 album "All Killer No
: Filler". It's not technically a song, it's a... you'll see.

: Small:

: Big:

: Here's a direct link to the video file. DO NOT USE THIS LINK TO VIEW THE
: VIDEO unless you have a kind heart and wish to mirror it. *checks watch*
: Perhaps not at this time of month...

: I Truly Appreciate the Help of These Two Friends: Dan Chosich
: Duhamel Diaz

: Thanks to the following people for being cooperative while posing:
: MorningStar (the catalyst)
: KornKid
: Doobie Chi
: Doobie Rye
: Chief Sangheili
: General Scone
: Matthew 284
: Kemrexx
: BtK Vizion

: NO thanks to following for making my life difficult: A Free Bird (go back in
: your cage)

: Thank you for watching the video and I hope you enjoyed it :)

It was pretty good. When you told me you were using a Sum 41 song I didn't expect it to sound like that. It definitely wasn't bad for your first time using Premiere. Good job Mintz, you should make more movies - you deserve much success. : )

Hasselhoff Online

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