Volunteers: One Thousand Thousand Slimy Things
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/29/01 10:17 a.m.

The quote from which this level's title is taken ("And one thousand thousand slimy things lived on and so did I") is an apt description of the level: Keep the Pfhor alive and they will help you out against the Bobs. The Bobs here are actually very dangerous, as their pistols are highly accurate and there are usually several of them at a time. An additional difficulty specific to my game was the fact that I had spent most of my oxygen on You're Wormfood Dude, limiting my exploration to aboveground (I think the only thing I missed is an assault rifle in the river at the beginning).

The first part of this level features the most amazing monster work in the series: They start across the river, file into the base, deal with the first few Bobs, go up the stairs, across the walkway, down some more stairs, and across to the Bob's makeshift prison to save their fellow Pfhor.

This is a huge, sprawling level with a ton of little passages and some doubling back. The Bobs are everywhere, and they make great snipers. The Compilers are less of a danger, but they usually charge you across the slime when you least expect it. There are also a few Potato Anuses swimming around, they can be an annoyance if you get hung up on one while trying to get out of the slime. There are a few annoying jumping puzzles, but they're usually simple to figure out.

There;s one big secret here: If you beat the level and return to the teleporting terminals, one of them will send you to a room with a huge amount of ammo in it, and a 3x health canister.

Reaching the end requires a somewhat unrealistic race from a switch to the distant door it opens. The final room was actually visible from the start of the level, from the path overlooking the first room. In here you will find a pair of Shotguns, and a message from Admiral Tfear, of all people. Perhaps, recognizing a great fighter when he sees one, and recognizing how easily the Marine can be commanded and manipulated, he has decided to steal us from Tycho and force us to fight for the Pfhor. But of course he doesn't know that we are merely allowing ourselves to be commanded. "You will have to deactivate them all"? That doesn't sound too hard, now does it? ;)

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