Volunteers: All Roads Lead to Sol
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/6/01 1:01 p.m.

All Roads Lead to Sol

This is it... The final level of Marathon 2. All you have to do is kill all the Pfhor. How hard could that be?

So much lava... This place is some type of abandoned mining complex. The lava pits are very, very deep. Fortunately, you won't have to do any swimming for a long time. May as well get started...

The first thing you'll notice is a door high up on a wall, as you reach the bottom of the stairs. Hmm... Next, we see that Durandal is not holding anything back this time, as he sends in wave after wave of fusion batteries. Most of the ammo on this level regenerates over time, giving you an infinite supply. And you'll need it.

After that room and a small pile of monsters, the Pfhor play their trump card: The Juggernauts. The dreaded Utfoo Heavy Assault Vehicle. The big floaty thing what kicks your ass. However these Juggernauts are actually somewhat less powerful than the ones in Marathon 1: Their machine guns have been replaced with the new Alien Weapon, their missiles travel slower (I haven't verified this, but it feels that way), and they are no longer bulletproof. This doesn't make them any less dangerous, of course.

The level proceeds in that fashion for a while: Large rooms patrolled by Juggernauts, interspersed with vast amounts of ammo from Durandal and piles of weaker monsters. Eventually, you will reach a locked door. To open it, you'll have to swim across the lava and find the switch on the other side, guarded by teleporting fighters. Nearby are four(!) shotguns, a 2x recharger, and a side passage that will get you back to the main area with less health lost.

Now, you have a choice. In the room beyond the locked door are four panels. Hitting various combinations of them will open either the end of the level or the secret path to the Bungie Credits Terminal. But, unique among the game's levels, these paths are mutually exclusive. Pick one and you can't finish the other. The credit terminal is a fun read (especially the first section :) ) but I'm going to have to go with the level's real end. Now I don't remember exactly which panel does what and I'm too lazy to open Forge and find out, so I just smashed them all and ran for it. One of the panels disables the pattern buffer and recharger at the beginning of the level; it's convenient to keep them but I was in a hurry.

If you're looking for a real challenge, both of the laval pools in the first room of the level have hidden Juggernauts that can be revealed by diving into them at the far end (away from the stairs). Good luck :P

The health isn't much of a problem since there's a 3x coming right up, past the Hunters. Don't worry about the Juggernauts the first time you use it, by the time their shots reach you you'll have gained enough health to survive and seek cover. There are two Juggernauts to defeat in this room, but you get a little help from their new habit of randomly dunking themselves in lava from time to time. Once they're dead, use the flamethrower to help yourself swim across the lava and around the corner while preserving some of that 3x shields, every little bit helps in the last room. Step onto the teleport platform (one of very few in the game) to take the express elevator to hell...

The final fight looks much tougher than it is (not to say it isn't tought at all, but still...). Throwing some rockets at the Juggernaut will take out most of his entourage (beware of flying exploding Hunters), leaving just you, him, and the MOAH. When the Juggernaut dies, he will usually throw the MOAH across the arena with his blast, make sure he doesn't land too close t you. When all is said and done, log into the last terminal and read about the Pfhor's ultimate weapon and Durandal's plan for the future.

Halo is starting to dominate the news even on the Story Page... Shall we continue through Marathon Infinity anyway? :)

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