Memories of Duality
Posted By: eva05Date: 10/20/01 6:10 p.m.

As I was cleaning up for an upcoming move I came across a small stash of flyers and stickers for Double Aught's ill-fated Duality.

Last time I posted something here about Duality, someone mentioned all the work had been "burned" ^o^

I remember meeting the folks at E3 and they were in talks with Duality becoming a PS2 title at the time, in addition to the computer formats of course. Some of the DA folks even ventured over to play some Marathon Infinity shortly after that E3(I think it was 97--it was the first time Bungie showed any of the stuff for Oni). We had a blast ^_^

I often wonder what happen to the folks there. I know Colin K was working PR at some West Coast game co last I spoke with him and I heard Greg K went on to become a scholl teacher. I've seen the ocassional link to artists attached to the project as well.

I note that all the released images of Sandbox, the level editor, were on running on Macs at the time ^o^

With Halo on the horizon it makes me wonder what would've/could've been.

If nothing else the story was quite intriguing...or at least what snippets they released of it.Maybe Greg will grace us with a novel one day ^^


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