Volunteers: What About Bob?
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 10/10/01 8:50 a.m.

The second level from the M2 Preview opens with a bang as you are dropped into a firefight between Bobs and Fighters, with the first Cyborg thrown into the mix as well. Make you you kill at least one of the brown Bobs yourself to guarantee that a second pistol is available (if you didn't get the secret one on Charon, which wasn't mentioned when we did that level for some reason); if the Bobs are killed by the cyborg they will explode and you lose what they carry. Don't forget the BIG pile of ammo available to the south.

This was actually the first time I ever read the first terminal and realized exactly what was going on. The southern half of the level is the flooded area Durandal is talking about, and he sends you to clear out the lava by pouring it into the basement. Once that happens, Durandal can send in the Bobs. Before now, I always thought the lava was just a gameplay device to make sure that you went downstairs first.

Down in the basement, the secret fusion pistol from Slings and Arrows is a huge help against the cyborgs. The terminal down here has a secret message, but one that's only available by cheating. While at the terminal, take advantage of the nearby window and snipe the Fighters with dual pistols. They have very little chance of hitting you at that range.

When you smash the second control panel, a secret is revealed: Just to the west of the bridge to the panel you just smashed, under the rising lava, is a tiny passageway. It leads to a platform which will get you out of the lava just in the nick of time (You will have to have somewhat more than 1x health to survive this; requirements range from a little bit on Normal or below to nearly a full yellow bar on TC). The reward is a tidy chunk of ammo and a Fighter to shoot in the back.

Now, what about Bob anyway? The drained lava has revealed several large arenas, full of Bobs and enemies. And you're supposed to help out. The first step is to secure the "home base" to the west of the lava trench (if you went for the secret mentioned above and pissed off the Bobs, goodbye :) ) Then just go around clearing out everything. Beware of the guided-missile cyborg to the east, and the small lava pit to the southeast, which was a suicide trap in the preview: There was no lava, so falling in meant you were stuck forever. But anyway, clear that all out and head back to the terminal to beam up to Boomer.

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