Re: Volunteers: What About Bob?
Posted By: Still ThinkingDate: 10/10/01 10:16 a.m.

In Response To: Volunteers: What About Bob? (Mark Levin)

: When you smash the second control panel, a secret is revealed: Just to the
: west of the bridge to the panel you just smashed, under the rising lava,
: is a tiny passageway. It leads to a platform which will get you out of the
: lava just in the nick of time (You will have to have somewhat more than 1x
: health to survive this; requirements range from a little bit on Normal or
: below to nearly a full yellow bar on TC). The reward is a tidy chunk of
: ammo and a Fighter to shoot in the back.

I prefere to grenade hop up there after clearing out the level so I can go to the exit terminal and recharge without risking death.

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